2. Stitch/quilt across them, corner to corner to secure into place, repeat to make another square.
3. Place your two quilted squares together, on top of each other, and sew down one side, through all the layers.
4. When you open them out, you will be left with a seam on one side, similar to the ones shown in this picture. Usually this would be considered the “wrong” side of your work, but for this project, it is exactly right.
5. You then need to snip this seam down from the raw edge towards the stitched line, being careful not to cut through your thread. Make cuts quite close together, all the way across.
6. Next take the whole thing and place in a 40 deg. wash – and dry (in a tumble dryer if you have one, we don’t and it still works perfectly).
If you’d like to see more on how we make the cushion, tune into our shows tomorrow at 8am and 11am. Or you can find the kit or pattern available on the Hochanda website.
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