Dreaming of creating your own soft and cosy quilt? For fashion or comfort, the world of quilting is far more diverse than most people believe. Today we are joined by the lovely Jennie Rayment from EZ Quilting who will be delivering three marvellous and insightful quilting tips and inspirations.

EZ Quilting is a market leading quilting and patchwork brand from USA, and they have been designing and selling high quality products for over 40 years. Their wide range of patchwork templates are designed by top US quilters for helping quilters of all abilities to measure and cut accurately and easily.

Jennie is internationally renowned for her quick and innovative techniques. She teaches a variety of classes which welcome people of all skill levels from beginners to advanced enthusiasts. If you are interested in any form of needlework, you will be fascinated by Jennie’s innovative textural designs and surely be inspired by her infectious creative spirit – take a look below!

Cutting Angles

In this video, you will learn how to cut angles using EZ Rulers, which are an absolute essential for cutting your fabrics precisely and will likely be a key factor in how your finished product turns out. Featured on all the EZ Rulers is a 45° line on one end and a 60° line on the other. There are a lot of markings on these rulers, and they are all super helpful as they measure inches, eighths or help you to cut at an angle. They are so simple to use – for example, to cut a 45° angle simply pop the ruler on top of the fabric in line with the 45° line and there you have it! The 60° angle is perfect for cutting diamonds, check out the video of Jennie demonstrating this below!

Petal Shapes

An ever-popular shape that is always beautiful with quilting is a flower. Whether you put them onto cushions, table mats, quilts, or anything else – a flower will brighten up any room it’s in! You can create one yourself using the EZ Petal Shapes template. Place it on top of the fabric and cut around it, do this eight times and sew them together to create your flower. See Jennie bringing it to life in the video here:

Cutting 5 Sided Shapes

Now, five sided shapes are known for being quite difficult. Luckily, if you are looking to jazz up your patterns by using five sided shapes, then you no longer need to stress about it. This is because EZ Quilting have come up with an answer, and it is called the Simply Crazy template. Cut around the template, and if you want to make it smaller, then you just move the template down a bit to the next line. It really is that quick and easy to use. Don’t believe us? Jennie will blow your socks off in the video below!

As we mentioned earlier, quilting is a diverse art, and so you can take the elegant ideas in these tutorials and adapt them for any type of fabric and use them to make quilts, cushions, baskets, wall hangings, boxes, table linen, fashion garments and more!

The EZ Quilting featured in these videos are available on our website. Get yours now to up your quilting game with no worry!

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