Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Do you ever just WISH you knew the secrets that would help you every time you crafted? Well, you’re in for a real treat today! We spoke to a few of our presenters and guests to get their professional tips and tricks for you – here are the top 12!

Janice Phillips

I wish I had known…
  1. Glass matts are so important and easy to work on. That way I may have saved my dining room table.
  2. How easy Acrylic paints are to use and blend to make amazing backgrounds, and I wish I had seen Gel plates and brayers before – they are fantastic fun to use!
  3. That I was going to get so much encouragement and feedback from our lovely Hochanda viewers. I may have started sooner!

Louise Withers

I wish I had known…
  1. To get a colour wheel!
  2. To always go for the best products you can afford – buy cheap, buy twice. Also, don’t be fooled by thinking all paints, mediums etc. are equal.
  3. To start a colour chart for paints, inks, powders and pens, so I could easily match up colours, make my own and then use my colour wheel.

Paula Pascal

I wish I had known…
  1. The right adhesive for the right job! It’s a good idea to invest in a variety of flies and test them for different techniques and materials.
  2. Not to be afraid. It’s just a piece of paper or fabric!
  3. Everything has a creative use.

Jo Channon

I wish I had known…
  1. More about storage solutions for my crafting stash, as I have spent money in the past on buying various different containers/boxes and would have been better off spending a little more on quality storage so it lasted.
  2. To stick to multi-purpose use adhesives, they do all the jobs and it really helps not having lots of different ones stuck in a draw just in case you need them!
  3. To look around for inspiration. Whether it be in nature, fabrics or the work of other artists, it gives you a great scope for ideas going forward. Get inspiration from wherever you can!

So, there you have it, the top 12 things they wish they knew when they started crafting! Make sure you put them into practice to get the most out of this advice.

Are there any more tips you would’ve added? Let us know in the comments below!

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