Hello again everyone. How have you all been? What a journey I’m having so far. My poor postman is getting worn out carrying all the lovely squishy parcels that have been arriving as of late. So what’s new? Well, I’ve been ordering fabric like it’s been going out of fashion. I’ve discovered Lina’s Patchwork, The Millshop Online, Craft Yourself Silly (which I already knew about) to name but a few. I’ve also ordered lots of templates and clips etc from Daisy & Grace. I’ve ordered a rotary cutter and rotating cutting mat, a patchwork ruler, some lovely cotton and have several deliveries of fat quarters, layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm packs ready to use, been lots of oohs and aahs as we open the daily deliveries the postman brings. I’ve ordered lots of brilliant cushion kits from Lina’s Patchwork – have you seen them. Nancy’s designs are just superb and I think it’s a great idea putting all the pre-cut paper pieces in the kits a big winner if you ask me. It would seem I’ve hooked. I’ve also ended up getting more storage to keep it in – like I need more storage. Mum and my home is becoming like an advertisement for that certain box company that we all know and love. Oh and my best purchase yet a hexagon and square die from Crafter’s Companion, what a time saver, 8 layers cut in one pass through my trusty Gemini.



Cutting fabric
So after getting my vegetable garden ready for planting one Sunday afternoon, I got started on my first ever sewing, let alone patchwork project. I decided my first project would be a little cushion for my cousin’s little boy using fabric from my stash from The Millshop Online. So I cut a large square out of each bigger than the die I was using and cut all the hexagons I needed in one pass. Job done. Then folded and clipped the seam allowance around Lina’s templates and I was off. I have to say, I had to undo the first attempt but after that I’d got it sorted, perfect hand sewing.

Mock lay out close up

Pre-cut Hexagons from Lina's Patchwork
I suppose you could say that it’s becoming a bit of an obsession now. A few thanks need to be said here, firstly to Hochanda for taking me on this new journey, my Mum for putting up with all the craft stuff arriving, she is a brilliant teacher!  Joe at The Millshop Online for supporting me on my journey. Nancy at Lina’s Patchwork for her support and everyone at Craft Yourself Silly for their support too. I love Hayley’s shows, she makes me laugh. I’d also like to thank Lizzy and Abeygale from Crafter’s Companion for providing me with so many hours of sewing viewing on Hochanda. I love the Sew Inspired magazines they are great. Lizzy has said to me so many times just have a go and I’ve not been brave enough to do it.
And lastly the person who got me into all this trouble in the first place, Nicola Walton at Daisy & Grace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and support you have given me. I cannot tell you how proud I am of my efforts today.
Until next time guys, Keep Crafting!!


  1. Enjoy your journey. Die-cutting hexies is quite wasteful in fabric and most if us try and use every scrap of fabric

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