Hello everyone! After my last easy peasy blog, I thought I’d step it up a bit and really explore all the different things that we can apply Perfect Pearls on. I’m sure many of you have these in your stash since they’ve been around for quite a long time now. But maybe some, like me, aren’t aware or have forgotten how useful and easy they are to use. I’m no expert, not at all, but as I got some questions about them I thought instead of just answering emails, I would share this with everyone. So let’s get started!

First off, for those that don’t know, Perfect Pearls are a pigment powder that you can use dry to kind of emboss stamped images or use wet like a paint. You do have to “seal” them with a mist of water, so no other fixatives are needed. I lucked out at a craft sale and got a whole bunch of these, so of course I had to play with all of them.

Perfect Pearls

Since there are so many other blogs/vlogs on these I’m going to do something I couldn’t find. I’m sure you all know about the cool techniques, but what I couldn’t find all in one place was what different types of paper, card etc. they work best on, and what they don’t work so great on.

I’m going to start with what I found they don’t work great on, at least not for me – Acetate. Seriously, if anyone out there has a way to do this please do let me know. I could NOT get these to work well on acetate to save my life. I tried the Perfect Medium pad and pens, Versamark, and The Essential Glue Pad. Nope. But here’s what it looked like:

Perfect Pearls acetate

Oh I can hear you saying, What? That doesn’t look bad! Hold your horses, look at this:

Perfect Pearls acetate

I know the picture itself is blurry, but that was the camera rebelling against taking a picture of something icky! Once I held it up to light, or backed it with a white paper, ugh, nope. I got it really wet to use as a paint, and that didn’t work either. So, I know there’s some people way more experienced than I am, please let me know how you got it to work, because I surely could not figure out any way to make this pretty.

However, the rest of the trials went swimmingly. Mirror card is definitely my favourite, but the glitter paper worked great, as did the black heavy card stock, and well, here let me show you:

Perfect Pearls

First I stamped the sentiment with Perfect Medium (which worked best for me) on four different types of paper: vellum, mirror, black heavy card stock and blue shimmer glitter paper (really soft kind).

Perfect Pearls

I was able to get all the spots and smudges off the first one with a tiny amount of water and soft towel. I put the box across the room, and it still was shiny and perfect!

Perfect Pearls

These pictures do not do it justice, and even though I took several, none of them worked as well as these did. It is gorgeous in real life!! I can’t wait to actually make something with this!!

Perfect PearlsI would get some of the powder on my dry brush and then tap it on where the sticky watermark was. Next, using circular motions, I spread the powder across the sentiment, and with a heavier hand, brushed all the excess off. I thought this turned out really good, too!

Perfect PearlsI loved how these turned out, even though the pictures aren’t great. I was able to remove all the smudges off the vellum in the first picture, the second picture is back-lit, so the I Love You looks candy-apple red, and the last one looked great and not blurry, but I still wanted to include these to show that yes, do use Perfect Pearls on vellum! You will thank me later.

Ribbet collage5

Using watercolour paper, I tried out Versamark vs Perfect Medium, and the Versamark smudged a lot more. While the Perfect Medium did smudge, it was hardly as noticeable.

In my last blog, I did touch on one technique, and I’m going to show it again for those that didn’t see it, only to have everything about Perfect Pearls in one place. I first stamped a sentiment with Memento Tuxedo Black. Then, using Perfect Medium, stamped a pretty label around the sentiment and applied pinkish purple Perfect Pearl to it. After that, using some Crafter’s Companion stamps, using only the Perfect Medium again, I stamped the flowers as a background all over the paper, then again on vellum.

Perfect Pearls Then came the fun part, I tapped on a bunch of different colours of Perfect Pearls, sprayed a ton of water over it all, used a wet paintbrush to wipe the water and colours over all of it and finally, mopped up the water with a paper towel. I love this!

Ribbet collage7

It didn’t lose it’s shine, and the colours turned out great, especially when the light hits it just right.

Perfect Pearls

So there you have it! All the different ways I played with Perfect Pearls, solely to help all of you *cough* – I’m a giver. I hope you enjoyed this, and please, if you have other ways to use it or know how to use it on Acetate correctly, I’d love to hear from you! I’m going to be selling my wares at a Craft Fair here in Wisconsin in twelve days, so I won’t be doing any more blogs until after that. My next one should (finally!!) be on the John Next Door Small Lanterns, and I’ll be using the Graphic 45 Christmas paper to make them, can’t wait! Until then, thank you as always for spending some time with me, and happy crafting!







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