Welcome back! In Part 1, I showed how I used the covers to make a mini-book. This time, I’m diving headlong into Christmas decorations. I made a simple decoration and a snow globe with a base/holder. Let’s get started!
Again, I used the 4×4 Zutter Chipboard covers, pictured with the undecorated snow globe below:

Chipboard & Snowglobes

I was dying to play with some of my new Crafter’s Companion edgeables (I love these!!), so I chose two to work with:

Festive Dies

The top is Festive scene, and below that is Santa’s Sleigh, both are amazing to use, and as with all of my other dies from them, the pieces just fall out with just a flick of my fingers. No “weeding” with these!
I started by cutting each one twice, once from patterned paper, secondly with silver glitter paper. I then offset the patterned paper just a bit to create a drop shadow and set them aside while I prepped the Zutter covers.
I covered each cover in white gesso, and while they were still wet, dumped a generous amount of white snow glitter on top. I just used my finger to burnish the glitter in, making sure I had covered the top and sides:

Glitter base

I knew I was going to be working on two projects, so I prepared both covers at one time, to save me time down the road. While I let those dry, it was time to get out my Tim Holtz snow globe die set, and I cut these all twice as well. Once from white glitter card, and next using blue glitter card. Here’s the die set I used for this part:

Sizzix Snow globe

Look at all the dies! 26 of them!! I do love working with miniatures of all sorts, so this was really right up my street (or alley for us Americans lol). After die cutting all the different pieces, it was time to put them all together and make some decisions on what was going on which. In the meantime, my covers were now completely dry so it was time to see if my idea would bear out (spoiler alert: it totally did!!).
I knew I wanted to have a base or platform for the snow globe to sit on, but I wanted it to have some kind of border. That’s where the edgeables come in. Again, I cut them twice, once from patterned paper and again from silver glitter. Here they are firmly attached to the glittered base:

Project base

These pictures really don’t do the real thing justice. Both are so glittery I almost needed sunglasses! (Okay, a bit of exaggeration, but seriously, they Sparkle!) Once the base was done, it was finally time to work on building up the snow globe.

Snow globe base

Top Tip: don’t try wet glue on plastic, and hot glue isn’t a great idea either (oh, the Smell!!) – but double sided tape? Just right. I took one for the team, there. You’re welcome!
I cut a border for the base of the globe because I needed something to keep the fake snow from falling out. After I applied the border, I slathered the base with wet glue, and poured on the fake snow. I love this stuff! Quickly, before the glue could dry, I put a few of the houses in, building the snow up behind each house for support.

Assembling the snow globe

I decided the globe needed a little more, so I die cut an ornament die I have (I believe it is a Crafter’s Companion die, I didn’t keep the packaging for this one, sorry.) and using some waste from another project I managed to hang it from the top. I wasn’t at all sure this would work, nor stay put, but I’m happy to report that three days later, it’s still hanging and staying put.

Finished Snow Globe

See that ornament? Well, the “waste” was so pretty, I decided I had to use it, so onto the second project, which is much shorter.
I used the other cover I had already covered in gesso and glitter, applied the negative from the ornament, die cut the year from my Crafter’s Companion alphabet and number die set,  added some sequins and a couple stars, glued on acetate and BOOM, done! (Told you it was much shorter! Haha)

2nd project using zutto board

Sorry for the glare from my flash, but this was the only picture that really showed off the sparkle. I have no clue what I’m going to do with it, but I think it’s so cute!
Thank you for spending some time with me, and I hope you will be inspired to see what different ideas you come up with! I hope you will share your creations with me, I look forward to seeing them. Next blog I will be die-cutting a bunch of different Spellbinders boxes and bags, just in time to kickoff the Christmas season. Until then, happy crafting!

















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