Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying my creations so far.  I thought I would show you this week how to create a last minute creation for your Mum for Mother’s Day coming up on the 11th March.  My Mum is very special to me, we are more like best friends and she is to blame for my addiction to craft things.  I cherish her every day.  So I would like to wish all you Mum’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.
You will need:
  • 1 MDF fairly large MDF heart.
  • 1 MDF laser cut “Mum”.
  • White Gesso.
  • Any embossing powder of your choice.
  • Versamark ink pad.
  • Selection of Dawn Bibby organic flowers.
  • Dawn Bibby/Craft Buddy metal embellishments.
  • Ribbon.
  • Craft Buddy Adhesive lace.
  • Hot glue or silicone glue.
  • Heat gun for setting the embossing powder.
Stage 1: Give all MDF pieces two coats of Gesso.
Stage 1
Stage 2: Apply the adhesive lace directly to the MDF heart.
Stage 2
Stage 3:  Arrange your flowers so they sweep down one side of the MDF heart and stick down once you are happy with the arrangement.  Stick down the metal embellishment where you wish it to go.

Stage 3

Stage 4: Press your “Mum” word into the Versamark ink pad and then sprinkle it with embossing powder and heat with the heat gun until the embossing powder melts (as you would do normally if embossing with rubber stamps) allow to cool and then stick to your MDF heart using the glue of your choice.

Stage 4

Stage 5: Loop some ribbon through the hole in the MDF if it’s a drilled heart you are using if not stick two ends to the back of the MDF using red liner tape or hot glue.
That is it, its as simple as that.  Hope you enjoy making yours, if you’ve not used MDF before its really good to work with for so many different things.  Until next time.  Happy Crafting.
Love Tracy

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