Welcome to Hochanda, Debbie and Kim

Hi Debbie and Kim, thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions for us. We love watching you on TV, you have such a good rapport, and obviously are passionate about teaching and passing on your skills.

1.    How did you get into working on the telly?

Thanks for talking to us, we hope that our passion for sewing and fabrics comes across!    We were at the NEC at a Trade Show and were approached to take our products onto Shopping TV.  We had our first show in May 2013 and haven’t looked back since, we like to have fun and hopefully inspire others to have a go.

2.    You make a brilliant team, how did you start working together to bring us Six Penny Memories?

We met many years ago at a Craft and Needlework show in Newcastle. I (Debbie) was teaching and had my patterns on one of the stands and Kim was there with her shop The Fat Quarters.  At the end of the show, Kim bought the patterns for her shop and that was the start of the friendship.  Kim wanted to take a stand at the Festival of Quilts and because I had done numerous shows over the years I agreed to help.  After one show in Harrogate, we retired back to our hotel room and after a couple of G&Ts decided we should write a book (as you do).  Six Penny Memories was born.

3.    Where do you get your inspiration for your product ranges? 

Initially we were inspired by our own surroundings.  When we decided to write the first book, we approached Beamish Museum so ask permission to use the various locations and periods of the museum as inspiration.  ‘Colliery Days’ our first book used the Pit Village as inspiration and we included photographs of the things that inspired us. For ‘Shopping Days’ we went to the Edwardian town and for ‘Sewing at the Farm’ and ‘Sewing for Christmas’ we visited the Victorian Farm.  Our last book ‘Sewing at the Manor’ was inspired by Pockerley Old Hall.  Beamish is a fabulous place and we are very lucky to have it on our doorstep.  The Patterns can be inspired by random things we see or are functional.  When we launched the Downton Fabrics by Andover on TV we used the period and programme as inspiration for the patterns we produced to showcase the fabric.  We don’t agree on content!  One prime example was the ‘Hare of the Dog’ in ‘Shopping Days’, inspired by Taxidermy, Kim was horrified when I suggested a Hare’s Head but he’s fabulous and I take great delight when someone says they love him!

4.    Is there any part of crafting that drives you mad (mines how I constantly “loose” whatever I’m working with!!), what’s yours?

Hmmm  I think Kim is with you on this one!  Spools running out and not noticing, is mine.  I think we probably drive each other mad sometimes, we have different approaches, strengths and weaknesses but we are a team. (I love her really)

5.    Finally, we know and love you for your work with fabric, but are there other crafts you enjoy – or have on your “to do” list?

We both started out doing Cross Stitch, Kim enjoys all aspects of sewing and is an impressive knitter too.  I spent many years doing Scrapbooking and papercraft but sewing was always my favourite.  Between us we’ve tried lots of crafts, we both enjoy painting and up cycling furniture.  We often book a class on something we have never done before, we are always up for a new experience or technique, there is still so much to try and learn.

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