Can you remember the very first card you made?

Yes I can totally remember the first card I made – it was a stamped butterfly coloured with coloured pencils mounted onto an A6 card with some handmade paper and glitter glue! I think my Gran might even still have it!

Who is your inspiration in the craft world?

I would have to say it would be my Grandma, she’s the one who got me started crafting from when I was about 7 and really inspired my passion for stamping. She’s very arty too and does lots of different crafts – over the years she has done mosaics, painting, teddy bear making and lots more!

When do you come up with your ideas & designs?

I’m constantly drawing and coming up with new ideas, I just love playing with new goodies! I tend to draw for myself first as to what I want and can envisage on a card or finished project then go from there and one design tends to lead to another!

What was your first “when I grow up I want to be….?”

That’s a difficult one! I guess I’ve always loved crafting and one thing kind of lead to another, and now I get to craft and share my passion for craft everyday which is fabulous!

Do you have any pets?

Yes I have four gorgeous Golden Retrievers, Rodney, Elsa, Millie and Sunny.

When you are not crafting and doing all things glitter what else do you fill your time with for fun?

I love going out walking with the dogs, especially up to the coast which we are very lucky to live near! I also enjoy watching the football – Newcastle obviously!!

Describe your perfect Christmas day?

For me a perfect Christmas Day would be spent at home with my family, hopefully with some snow outside.

Do you get nervous before going on TV?

I always tend to get a little bit nervous before going on TV, usually on the journey down trying to make sure I’ve remembered everything for my demos!

What is it that you think makes Hochanda Stand out?

I am really loving working with Hochanda, there is such a fantastic atmosphere at Hochanda HQ. I really love how the channel is so demo focused too, so we get the opportunity to share with you at home lots of ideas and inspiration as to what to do with our products.

What’s next for Chloe?

We’re busy working on lots of amazing products that we’ll be bringing to Hochanda, I’m so excited but it’s all top secret so I can’t say yet – sorry! What I can say is that it will be packed with sparkle and something a little different from the norm!

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