Make a Powertex DIY lamp for lovely gifts or home decor and with Powertex you can make your own. Powertex fabric sculpture and fairy lights are an easy way to craft a lamp. I’m using battery powered LED fairy lights. Be sure to use LED lights for you project as these keep cool. Do not use a flame candle in this lamp.
I’m Kore and I want to show you how I made my own Powertex lamp using a bottle for a “mould”, simple Powertex techniques and a pack of battery LED fairy lights. Choose your own favourite embellishments to create the lamp in your own style. I’m using white fairy lights but coloured lights would be lovely too.
Materials list
  • Powertex Universal Medium in Ivory
  • Ready Made Bister Spray in Blue
  • Colortricx pigment in Rich Gold
  • Easy Varnish
  • A large bottle or container for a mould
  • A plastic bag
  • Masking tape
  • Cotton fabric strips about 2″ – 3″ wide and a square for the bottom
  • MDF Dropouts
  • MDF Alphabet
  • 3d Balls
  • Battery powered LED fairy lights
Prepare a mould
Wrap your bottle with plastic and secure with small pieces of tape. Don’t wrap too tight and ensure there are no holes.
Wrap the bottle
Using fabric with Powertex, cover the bottom of the bottle first and apply strips in spirals upwards. Leave gaps in the wrapping for the light.
Leave to dry for a few hours before removing from the bottle
Decorate with embellishments
I used Powertex Ivory to add some 3d balls, mdf drop outs and letters. The structure is sturdy but avoid heavy embellishments at the top.
Colour with Bister spray
Spray generously with Ready Made Bister Spray. Don’t forget the underneath, I left the inside Ivory.
Create highlights
I used a damp cloth to wipe back some of the Bister from the raised textures.
Add some shine
Metallics add a little extra shine on a lamp. I mixed Rich Gold powder pigment with Easy Varnish and dry brushed some textures.
Insert the LED lights for a lovely glow
I hope you have a go at making a lamp. Do share your creations with us in the Facebook group at Powertex Addicts United.
You can find more of my art and Powertex at Kore Sage Art but until next time, I hope you find some time to let your art out.

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