Hello everyone, I’ve been up to mischief! What again? I hear you ask. I’ve been busy purchasing some more luscious material to do some quilting with and I’ve enjoyed all the bright colours and different patterns that are available. Well, now that there isn’t much to do in the garden and I’m managing to finish work a bit earlier time to do some more crafting, something different. I managed to catch the lovely Nicola of Daisy and Grace on Hochanda a few weeks ago and decided that I was going to start a quilt. I did buy one of her gorgeous bag kits to try once I’m confident with using a sewing machine. But I decided to use the Crafter’s Companion hexagon mixed media die instead as I’m not very confident with cutting shapes by hand and seeing as I have my trusty Gemini, I put it to good use. But Daisy & Grace (and other companies) do some fabulous acrylic templates and you can use a fabric cutter and a mat to cut your shapes. I’m just being a bit lazy!
To make your very own quilt as you go, you will need:
What you need
  1. Coloured fabric for your front and backing (I’ve used cream for my backing). I’ve used 100% cotton fabric for mine.
  2. 20/100 batting or wadding (20% polyester and 80% cotton)
  3. 100% cotton thread
  4. Quilting needles
  5. Quilting magic clips
  6. Patience!
Stage 1: Take your base layer which should be half an inch bigger than your coloured fabric. Place your wadding in the centre and your coloured fabric on top.
Putting the first hexagon together
Stage 2: Fold the edges in so the two raw fabric edges are together and then fold over slightly on top of your top layer to form a fold edge, and place some of your magic clips on. Repeat the process all around the edges and then sew them down using as tiny stitches as you can so they can’t be seen.
Stage 3: Repeat the process until you have enough to start stitching them together.
I can’t quite believe how much I’m enjoying quilting. Something I always wanted to do. I’ve still got stacks of cushion fronts made to be made into cushions, something to do over the autumn months with Mum at the weekends when I’m not working. I would like to thank Nicola for all her support and help and also Lina Patchwork, The Millshop Online and of course Craft Yourself Silly. I’ve got lots of products to play with over the next few months so winter is still going to be very colourful for me!!
My Assistant Millie
My assistant Millie
Enjoy your day and keep crafting!

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