Hello everyone, I hope you are all well? What have you all been up to? The weather has been amazing however, it’s been too hot to craft …did I actually say that? When it’s warm and sunny, you feel like you should be outside enjoying it in case it doesn’t last!
I’m so lucky to live in the most beautiful county of Northumberland (I might be slightly biased) as I’m only 10 minutes from the beach and even less to the countryside.
Thought I’d share a photo with you all of my gorgeous dog Mable enjoying the beach…and no this beach is not on the Med!
Well in my last confessional I had made a promise to myself that I was not buying anymore craft products, do you think I stuck to it… what do you think? Of course I didn’t… I lasted 2 weeks and I was so proud of myself… then bang… one word… TONIC! Between them, Crafter’s Companion and Graphic 45, they are my ruin. Although I’m very chuffed with myself for not buying the last Graphic 45 collection that Leonie had on…. even though I really wanted it. Normally when I’m at work, I set an alarm on my phone, then log into Hochanda Go to sneakily place my order. This time I showed great self-restraint! But I figure since I keep taking the last collection I bought out of the wrapper to stroke it and sniff it, I’m clearly turning into a hoarder!
I’m actually behind with my blog posts as my laptop has been playing up… it has been randomly typing in some unknown language mid-sentence which as I’m sure you can imagine has been driving me mad! Usually in this house, if something stops working properly we swear at it… but for some reason no amount of swearing at it fixed the problem… very strange! Having said that, it has suddenly started behaving itself which means I get on with writing more blog posts!
In my last post I also said I was going to sort my craft stash… well I haven’t done that either! It’s still very much on my ‘to do’ list, although it’s rapidly turning into a ‘must do’, mainly so I can create more space to stash more stuff. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to buy anything more however, the craft show is coming up at Gateshead stadium and happens to be on my birthday, so I’ve managed to persuade my husband to come with me in the hope that he’ll treat me for my birthday… here’s hoping!
Join me next time… I wonder if I will have sorted my stash out by then?
Thanks for popping by.
Leanne x

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