Freedom Member Stephen Cresswell has always had an interest in Art & Design, since becoming involved with his local Amateur Operatic Society as a teenager. Five years ago, Stephen bought himself a sewing and embroidery machine, discovered quilting and hasn’t stopped since! He has created an easy, but effective Star Hot Pot Holder which is perfect for beginners.

You will need:-

1 Fat Quarter each of 4 different fabrics.

2 x Fat Quarters or ½ yard of fabric 5.

1 x 10” square piece of foundation fabric, this can be Muslin, stabilizer or cotton.

1 x 10” square piece of coordinating backing fabric.

1 x 10” square piece of wadding.

1 x 10” square piece of heat resistant wadding.

1 x strip of bias binding to bind.

Rotary Cutter.

Walking foot if you have one.

Sewing Machine.

Fabric Glue (optional).

Circle cutter / small plate.

Stick and Spray for Fabric.


Cutting Instructions.

Fabric 1 – Cut 4 x 4” squares (I used the same fabric as number 5)

Fabric 2, 3 and 4 – Cut 8 x 4” squares

Fabric 5 – Cut 8 x 6.5” squares

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 1

On your foundation fabric print out the grid as shown below, from corner to corner and centre of fabric through top to bottom and sides using either a water or heat soluble pen or soft pencil.  

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 2

Fold each square into half and press, then fold into a triangle folding the top folded edges down to the raw edges and press again as in the picture below

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 3

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Starting with your 4 triangles made from fabric no.1 place each onto the foundation piece so that the points but together.  Either run fabric glue along the bottom edges to hold in place or sew an eighth of an inch in from the edge to secure making sure that the centre fold of each triangle follows the grid on your template. 

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 4

Using triangles of fabric 2, place these on your foundation piece matching the centre fold and the raw edge of the triangles with the lines on your foundation piece placing the point of your triangle ½ an inch from the centre point and either stitch or glue these in place 1/8th of an inch from the bottom. 

Ribbet collage

Step 5

Continue in the same way with your smaller triangles from fabrics 2,3,4 working around the foundation piece making sure your points are ½ an inch from the last row

Fig 10 3rd and 4th Row Complete

Step 6

With your largest triangles (fabric 5) work around the foundation piece but this time placing the triangle points ¼ of an inch from the previous round 

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 7

Place your backing fabric face down, spray your wadding and place on top.  Spray your heat resistant wadding and again place on top with the heat side facing you.  Finally spray your wading again and place your star fabric on top of this. Iron to set the glue.

Step 8

Using a walking foot if you have one, sew between the flaps of the triangles from one side to the other using a coordinating cotton for the top and matching cotton for the backing.  This will hold the points of your stars down and will also quilt the back. 

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 9

Using either your circle cutter or small plate, carefully cut away any excess fabric

Quilted pot holder tutorial

Step 10

Finally sew your binding around the edge of your project, adding a hanging loop if you require one.  Try not to stretch your binding as you work around the circumference.

Step 11

Sit back, have a cuppa and admire your work.

Quilted pot holder tutorial

(Tip. You can use this pattern to make a centre panel for a cushion or quilt block by adding triangles to the corners of your star to create a square block.)

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