Glitter Card or Paper
Red tape
Wet glue
Picture frames (I got mine from a charity shop)
Silhouette Flower dies
Black & Grey card


Start by deconstructing your picture frame/picture.


Use the backboard as a template and cut the glitter paper/card so it fits the frame.


Glue the glitter paper/card to the backboard. At first, I used book glue but found it dried too quickly and left bumps on the finished board, so then I used red tape which worked perfectly.


Drill the holes for your handles on the shorter sides of the frame. You’ll be using the frame with the back side uppermost, so make sure when placing the handles they are either in the middle or towards the top of the frame edge. But don’t screw them in place yet.


Turn the frames to the back and reinsert the backboard glitter side up. Now place the picture border frame back into the frame.


Cut the silhouette flowers from black and grey card. I cut quite a few as I was creating 3 platters. Arrange the flowers so that they are tucked under the border frame. Place the grey ones to the back with the black at the front to give an illusion of depth. When happy with your design glue into place.


Replace the glass and use the metal clips to secure into place. Screw the handles into the holes you previously made.
In the future I may remove the metal clips and use a clear sealant to secure and seal the glass. This will prevent liquids seeping under the glass. I made these in a hurry for my husbands birthday party. I laid all the food out on the platters and it looked lovely and fitted in really well with the garden theme.
Jax 🙂

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