Hi crafter’s, I’m hoping you are all having a great start to the New Year?
Like a lot of people, I am loving unicorns at the moment, so I played around with some card and alcohol markers and came up with my version of a unicorn card.
All you really need for this card is a standard sized DL card or sheet of card folded and trimmed to fit the template, some coloured pens or coloured card, scissors, glue, die-cut flowers (made from your own dies or pre-cut) and as many embellishments as you like – the glitzier the better. The embellishments I used were flat-backed pearls, glitter (on the unicorn card with the eyelashes) and Nuvo Drops for the centre of the flowers. I have put the templates that I used and designed in a download that you are free to use and share.
Download here: unicorncardtemplates


I made two unicorn cards that only really different when it came to the eye features and the amount of embellishments used. As the card is a unicorn it screams out for all the sequins, glitter, gems, pearls, shimmer you can throw at it. I chose to use alcohol markers to add colour to the features of the unicorn, but you could just as easily choose to use coloured card instead. I’m sure you talented crafters can come up with so many ways to make your unicorns sparkle and shine with your own style and flair.
I used a standard DL sized card as my starting point and laid my card shape template over the front of the folded DL card (lining up the dashed line marked fold on the template with the folded of the card). I drew around the template in pencil and cut along the pencil lines. On plain white card I cut around the other template pieces and then traced the detail lines of the inner ear and curves of the horn. I added colour to the inner ear, eyeline and alternate sections of the horn. I outlined the coloured areas in silver/grey pen or glitter, so they stood out.


I added the detailing on the cut-out elements of the unicorn, such as glitter, before I stuck the elements down on the card. Adding detail is a little easier whilst everything is flat and separate and if you make a mistake you only mess up that one element rather than the whole card.
I placed the ears at either side of the card, the ears sit part on the curve at the sides and part on the fold of the card at the top. The horn goes in the middle of the fold line, the bottom of the horn roughly in line with the bottom of the ears as they curve round the sides of the card. I played around with the eyeline/lashes until I got the look I wanted and when I was happy with how everything was positioned I glued them into place.


I played around positioning the flowers around the horn and out to the ears creating a sort of ‘crown’. With flowers, I tend to stick to the old rule of odd numbers, no matter how many flowers you use an odd number of the total used will always look better than a total number used that is even. I added pearls and Nuvo drops for the centre of the flowers and on the unicorn with the eyelashes I added small pearls to the ends of the lashes. You could also add gems, sequins, shimmers and glitters. Then, voila! you have your very own unicorn card.


If you do make your own unicorn card, please show us your pics as we would love to see them. Happy crafting,
Lore x
Tip! if you have gone heavy on the embellishments and you fear the card may not stand the weight just add another layer of card to the back of the card or use a layer of card as an insert and that should counter-balance the weight in the front. As I used mulberry flowers the flowers were quite light so the cards stood up fine without having to add an extra layer.

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