This month’s Powertex Secret Art Box was full of wonderful Venetian Carnival themes and there was so much to play with. From the gorgeous lace and MDF masks to the Venice themed rice paper and the Fleur de Lys mould from ArtyCo.  I couldn’t wait to get creating.
I’ve been to Venice twice and think it is a beautiful city, so wanted to recreate the beauty and also the aged feel of the buildings with my piece. An 8 inch box canvas was the perfect size to create my mini work of art.
Additional materials used:
  • 8 inch box canvas
  • Powertex Easy Coat Mat
  • Powertex Blue and Brown Bister sprays
  • Powertex pigments in Violet Valentine, Clear Gold and Silver
How to create your Venetian carnival canvas
Step 1
I painted the canvas with Easy Coat Mat and stuck the paper in position making sure I painted more Easy Coat Mat over the image to help it adhere and protect the surface.
Top tip
A great tip is to wet around the edge of the image you want on the paper with a wet paintbrush. It will help the paper tear easily and give a textured edge.
Step 2
Next I created more texture on the canvas by mixing the Easy 3D flex, included in this month’s box, with the white Powertex, also in this month’s box.
I mixed it until I had a texture that would spread easily. This was applied with a palette knife to the top and bottom corners to give the Italian stucco plaster effect.
Step 3
You could allow this to dry naturally but I sped up the drying process by heating with a hairdryer and this gives a lovely bubbly texture.
Step 4
Using the white Powertex, I painted the large mask and then dipped the lace pieces into the Powertex, making sure they were covered but not saturated, to ensure they stuck where I wanted them on the mask.
Step 5
I worked on the large MDF mask using the various lace pieces included in the kit, and the MDF flourish and moulded flourish.  Use White Powertex to stick it to the canvas.
Step 6
I created an air dry clay fleur de lys from the Artyco mould and added to the canvas.
Step 7
I removed the Venice wording from the MDF carrier sheet and used the negative image on the canvas. I ensured it was coated in the Powertex and then adding embellishments from my own stash of paper flowers, corners and charms.
Step 8
Next came the exciting bit, once the canvas was completely dry I sprayed it liberally with blue and brown bister. Don’t panic if you feel you’ve sprayed too much bister, you can wipe it back so it’s not so dark.
Allow this to dry thoroughly, before you can highlight the piece with dry brushing.
Step 9
Finally once this was dry, I could use my Pearl Red Pigment, Turquoise pigment and the Plum Pudding Acrylic Paint and varnish included in the kit.
This is where the piece comes to life, as you dry brush each area of detail and see all the texture emerge.  I used violet valentine pearl pigment, clear gold and silver pigments from my stash.
Tutor tip
Use a tiny amount of varnish, about the size of a 5p, and dip your brush into the varnish then lightly into your pigment. Work this on your brush and then take the excess of colour off on a cloth or piece of kitchen paper before lightly stroking the brush across your work. The art of dry brushing is a dry brush, light strokes and build up the colour.
The finished piece
I hope you enjoyed this project and that you will give it a go yourself.
Until next month, Happy Powertexing,
Lots of love
Gill xxx

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