The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis have always fascinated me.  Much like the ocean, it is that ethereal, slightly unworldly quality they have which is so amazingly beautiful. It’s also a reminder of just how wonderful nature can be.
northern lights
Materials List:
  • Canvas
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Powertex Universal Medium in White, Blue and Black
  • Pearl Pigment Powders in Sherbert Dip, Violet Valentine, Green Parrot and Blue Curacao
  • Interference Blue Powder Pigment
  • Powertex Easy Varnish
  • Powertex Acrylic Paint Liquorice Twist
  • Powertex Ready Made Black Bister spray
  • Powertex Powerwax
Step 1:
northern lights 2
I mixed Sherbert Dip powder pigment with White Powertex Universal Medium to create a luminous base.
I roughly covered my canvas using a mixture of Sherbert Dip Pigment and White Powertex Universal Medium for the sky, and White and Blue Powertex Universal Medium for the sea.
Step 2:
northern lights 3
I also added some Violet Valentine powder pigment to the sky.
After spraying with Black Bister, I blasted with a hair dryer to create crackles and used a pallet knife to scrape back and allow the yellows to shine through.
Step 3:
northern lights 4
I used segments of Stone Art clay to create the illusion of a choppy sea. I used Powertex pearl pigments to reflect the colours in the sky.
Step 4:
northern lights 5
Rather than having the trees all along the shoreline, which didn’t look right, I opted to use an asymmetrical composition instead. I chose to put a cluster of trees fading downwards. I painted some corrugated cardboard with acrylic, and then used a stubby brush to indicate branches.
Step 5:
northern lights 6
Stone Art Clay is simple to make, by mixing a small quantity of Stone Art Powder in with some Universal Medium until it forms a dough like substance that doesn’t stick to your hands.
I liked the way the Stone Art clay waves were curling, so decided to highlight this using Powercolor Titanium White Pigment.
Step 6:
northern lights 7
Powerwax is perfect for adding extra depth and shine. I do this by dipping my finger in the wax, then the pigment and gently rubbing in a circular movement.  Finally I added some extra depth to the colours in the sky using Powerwax and pigment.
I created beautiful swirling patterns in the sky using the amazingly vibrant Pearl Pigments with Powerwax, which gave just the ethereal atmosphere I was hoping for.
northern lights 8
I hope you have enjoyed this step by step article using Powertex. You can share your Powertex art in our Facebook group, The Powertex Studio.

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