Hello again everyone. Welcome to another of my Hochanda Blogs. Do you know it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m so pleased I took the opportunity to become a Blog Ambassador for Hochanda. I got to go to the Create It event a few weeks ago in Kent. I took Mum out for the day. I had crystal art projects to drop off to Gary at Craft Buddy which was our main reason for going. My mum at age 77 and an avid Hochanda viewer was so excited. She got to meet Dawn Bibby who she has been watching for some 25 years and the other faces from Hochanda who we have been watching since the beginning including Barbara Grey, Chloe, presenters Hayley and Janice. We had such a brilliant day. Mum did some workshops on Dawn’s stand run by the lovely and very talented Jan Sleeman who instantly put Mum at ease. But whilst walking around we were asked at the Daisy & Grace stand if we would like to do a make and take. Mum leapt at the chance.
Half an hour later, we were sat at the table with two other participants and the lovely Nicola Walton who we recognised from being on Hochanda. She immediately put us at ease and we were soon looking at beautiful brightly coloured hexagon patches of fabric and I had a sewing needle in hand which is completely foreign to me. Yes I’ve done cross stitch and knitting and have a GCSE in Textile Design, but not hand sewing with fabric. At the end of the make and take, Mum was expertly stitching away and had one side finished. I’d managed to get half way round so had to finish mine at home. Mum immediately bought some fat quarters and the hexagon template and a set of clips which were just amazing to work with.
Ribbet collage
Ribbet collage
Shall I let you into a secret? I’ve always wanted to learn patchwork and quilting as its always fascinated me and I just love the colours. I did a course at the shop where we bought our sewing machine so I know how to use a machine if I need to do things. Have been watching Lizzy Curtis and Abeygale for a while and bought several issues of Sew Inspired magazine and flicked through them but haven’t ever made anything.
Ribbet collage
I’ve been watching Lizzy and Abeygale on Hochanda for months and thinking how clever they are whizzing things up on their sewing machines, I’ve never been brave enough to have a go until now.
Fat Quarters.JPG
I was a very naughty girl and purchased some more templates and goodies from Daisy & Grace after seeing Nicola on TV again recently. I can tell you I’m getting very excited about getting started. So will you join me on this sewing adventure?  It feels like it could be addictive. I’m already learning about fat quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls etc, I’m finding it all very exciting. I want to make bags, cushions and whatever else I fancy. I’m just loving all the colourful fabrics that are around – it’s very much right up my street. Another hobby that I have started thanks to Hochanda. Long may it continue. Who knows where this is going to lead! Join me next time for another episode of my sewing adventure. This as they say, is just the beginning.


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