Roses are so popular with people and I have to say they really are a favourite of mine too.
Having seen Kathryn Sturrock demonstrate the FMM cutter range, I was drawn to the roses. The cutters (and results) lived up to and exceeded my expectations, so I really had to share my experience as part of my Floral series of posts.
If you use flowers on any of your craft projects, I would highly recommend them to you. Today, I am using the ‘Easiest Rose Ever’ cutter.
For these you will need:
Before I start this tutorial, I would like to tell you that I have also tried the Silk Clay with these cutters also. It does give great results, But please DO NOT use it on your foam forming mat. It will stick like crazy and takes ages to get off completely. For the flowers, I used my finger tips to shape the edges and frill them. For best results, I would highly recommend the FMM Bright and Light, but do feel free to experiment. The cutters come with full instructions.
 Step 1: Take a small amount of your clay and add a small drop of your colour and mix. Here I have used cream. Top Tip: The Pro-Ge colour is extremely concentrated so be cautious and add a little at a time.
Step 2: Roll out your clay to approximately 2 mm, then use your cutter. Top Tip: Pull the excess away from the cutter before removing your petal strip.
Step 3: Vary the amount of colour for your additional layers. Here I used 3 shades, using the deepest for the centre and the palest as my last layer. This gives a very natural look to your roses. Top Tip: If it’s warm cover your clay pieces with a sheet of damp kitchen roll, especially if you are mixing 3 colours for the gradient. It was very warm here and it really helped.
Step 4: Shape the outer edges of each of the petals using a 5 or 6 mm ball tool. You can be fairly firm with the clay. Your aim is to thin the edges and produce a natural looking frill. Once you are happy, fold the clay form in half, very gently. Don’t press the petals together they want to be free.

Step 5: Roll the folded piece tightly to start with. Once you have rolled the first part, sit the bloom with the base flat on your mat and roll. This will keep the base perfectly level, loosen off the tension as you roll to produce a looser rose head.
Step 6: Repeat with your next layer of petals, keeping the head of the rose upwards and the base flat on your desk as you roll.
Step 7 & 8: For larger blooms you can repeat with further layers as before. Once you are happy with the result, lightly pinch under the petals with your thumb and finger. Turn as you go until the clay beneath thins, then remove the excess clay.

Step 9 & 10: Here are a selection of blooms I have made with this cutter. You can see what a variety of sizes you can get by adding further layers.

Thank you for joining me today. If you have any questions or comments please add them below. I do love to read the comments and have your feedback. I hope to share more from the FMM Cutter range in the future, maybe the Carnation or Peony next time. For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx
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  1. Have always loved the gorgeous clay work that Kathryn does,and your step by step tutorial is really useful guide to all those of us that have never taken the plunge to make them ourselves. Beautiful roses that look so life-like.

  2. You have inspired me to get cracking. Have had the cutter for a while but the clay I had was rubbish. Now have Hearty clay so no excuses!

  3. Kathryn really is an inspiration. I am so pleased I went for these, they are amazing and make it so easy to create lovely roses. I am so pleased you enjoyed the tutorial and it might inspire you to try them out. I have to say I would highly recommend them to everyone.Thank you so much for leaving your comments, I love to read them and see what people think.x

  4. Thank you Tracy, So pleased you like them. My Nan also used to make them for cake decoration, from Marzipan, I used to eat them faster than she could make them. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments, it means a lot to hear.x

  5. Thank you Yvonne, I am so pleased to hear that you like these and that you found the tutorial easy to follow. I can honestly say, that these cutters really do make it easy to make the most beautiful flowers. I would recommend them to everyone, with no hesitation. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I really enjoy reading what you think.x

  6. Shirley, I am so pleased to hear that. You will love using them, it does make it a lot easier with a good clay. I love silk clay, but that didn’t like the foam mat at all, I found the best results with the Bright and Light from FMM, it was a joy to use. I would love to know how you get on. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments, it’s wonderful to hear them.x

  7. Thank you so much Jean, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the tutorial and like the roses I have made here. They really do make wonderful embellishments and with the cutters they are so much easier to make. The results are super, and so realistic. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments, it’s lovely to read and have the feedback.x

  8. Thank you Inky, They sure are, It’s the Light and Bright clay from FMM, brilliant to work with and the result were great. Than you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and very pleased you thought the hints and tips were good. Thanks again.x

  9. Love these roses Nick. I bought these cutters a while ago in Lakeland. I hope to go to my friends Pottery Studio soon so will try them with clay. Brilliant tutorial. Thank you. Will look at the next episode now.

  10. Thank you so much Littlelamb, So pleased you like these roses, they have always been my favourite flowers. Would love to see the ones you make from clay. I made a pork pie last weekend and made roses for the top decoration, they were wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment here, it really means a lot to have the feedback. I want to know if people are enjoying the things I am sharing.xx

  11. Thank you Lore, I am so pleased you like the Tutorial and the finished roses, They really are my favourite flowers and do love to make them for embellishments. So sorry for the delay in responding to your comment, I am really falling behind with all the snow and the problems from the thaw. I do love to read them so thank you so much.xx

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