Freedom Member Jackie Banham has been crafting as long as she can remember, having first started making clothes and a wardrobe for her Sindy doll.

An all-rounder, Jackie has a keen interest in all areas of craft, including die cutting, embossing and foiling and loves mixed media.

Today, Jackie has put together a wonderful guide to show you how to make fabric napkins, and a matching gift box.

You will need:

Paper to create your pattern

Fat quarters



3 sheets of 300gsm card A3

Small Button with no shank

Large brad

Big Score Scissors for card

Wet Glue

Crafter’s Companion Fox multimedia Die

Orange card off-cuts


To make your napkins (finished measurements of 34 x 34 cms):

Use you paper to create the pattern for your napkins. Measure and draw a square of 36.5 cms.

Cut out.

Lay your fat quarter in a single layer (after ironing) onto your cutting board. Pin your paper pattern piece to the fabric making sure the paper pattern is parallel to the selvedge.

Cut out. Repeat this for as many napkins you wish to make

Pin 2.5 cms of fabric to the reverse side to create a fold on two opposite sides. Press with the iron. Repeat on the two remaining sides.


Before sewing the neat corners need to be made. Fold the corner over to the reverse marrying up the pressed lines on the corner with the pressed lines on the fabric underneath the corner. Pin or press and cut away the extra fabric above these lines. This should be a small triangle. 


Press. Do this on all four corners

Now fold the 2.5 pressed fabric in half, tucking the raw edge under to create a 1.3 cm hem. 



Sew the hem in place, as close as possible to the edge, all the way around. 


TIP – to help me accomplish the neat hem close to the edge I used my stitch in the ditch sewing foot. Butt the foot ditch edge up against the hem edge and alter the position of your needle. This helped me to create a consistent straight even edge.

To make a matching gift box, with a drawer measuring 17.5 x 17.5 x 4cms and a completed box measuring 18 x 18 x 4.5 cms you will need to…

Take one sheet of A3 card and cut a square measuring 25.5 x 25.5 cms . Using the Big Score butt the card up against the box lid (left side) edge and score at 4 cm and turn the card 90 degrees and repeat on all four sides.

Fold the score lines. Using the scissors cut a triangular section from the small squares at the corners. Cut along the side fold line until you met the vertical line. Then creating a triangle cut diagonally across the square to meet the other cut line. 


Before gluing the sides together we need a drawer handle. Measure along one of the folds (below the scored/folded line) to find the centre and make a hole for the brad. I used my hole punch, but you could just use an awl or the end of a pair of scissors. Glue the button to the back of the large brad by opening the closure arms. 


The button helps the brad to protrude enough from the drawer to enable you to grip it better. Once dry push the the closure arms around the button and push the brad into the hole and secure

Now to complete the draw glue the flaps and tuck to the inside of the drawer.

Ribbet collage.jpg

TIP: I use paper clips to hold these in place until dry, or you could use pegs

For the Outer Box…

Cut the two remaining A3 card sheets at 18 cms the whole length of the card . Place the shorter side (18 cms) on the big score at the box base at the far right hand side. Butt against the edge and score at 4 cms. Remove and fold. Butt the fold against the right hand side and score at 17.5 cms. Remove and fold. Butt this fold up against the right hand side and score at 1 cm.

Ribbet collage1.jpg

Repeat with the second sheet

Cut the length of the card at the 1 cm score line. This flap on both pieces is the gluing strip.

Glue and construct the wrap (outer box) 


Let dry. Decorate the top of the box according to your taste.


I’ve used the Crafter’s Companion multi media country animals die, the fox to match with the foxes on the napkins. But you can decorate any way you wish.


NOTES – I found out whilst doing this that the A3 card is not long enough to create this in one piece. So these instructions are for the outer box in two pieces, but if you have card which is longer this can be done in one piece.

I did strengthen the wrap section of the gift box, top and bottom using two squares of the 300gsm card cut at 18 x 18 cms. But you don’t have to do this

  1. Lovely project, Jackie. I think I’ll use some of the many fat quarters that I can’t resist buying. A great gift idea, thank you. I love that little fox too. Merry Christmas x

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