To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how to start with this one. It’s a little bit different for me, not doing a tutorial as such, rather sharing an experience with you, which I hope will help. I must be one of the few people that haven’t bought a Gemini Machine. Despite the fact I am in the Crafter’s Companion Design team, I really had wondered if it really could be as good as everyone was saying. Then all of the reviews started to appear. I have to admit I was almost searching for a negative to make me feel better about my decision not to buy one, to date I have not found one.
Well I got my happy post, so I was more than eager to see what all the fuss was about. Was it all true? Would it make my crafting easier? Or was it simply ‘The Emperors New Clothes? It was time to find out for myself and share it with you. The Gemini comes with all you need and some really nice extras in the box including dies and embossing folders.
I have been buying fabrics and collections for years, but they had all been stored. I really don’t have the strength in my wrists and arm to cut them properly with a rotary cutter, so after a few disasters it was banished to a drawer. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to making my own quilt.
I layered up the fabric and let the Gemini Machine do it’s thing. It was then I realised that I had put all the fabrics through in one go… 9 layers. I was too busy making sure all the plates were right. I was a fool. I could have used the reverse but it was too late.
Nothing at all to worry about whatsoever!!! All the pieces were cut out perfectly and ready to go in seconds. It almost felt like cheating.
Next, I laid out the fabrics as stated in the instructions.
Then stitched them together in order. I was incredibly pleased with the results. Considering this was the first time I had ever made a block, I was amazed.
It was cut and pieced together so quickly that I decided to try a more complicated design (for me anyway). As before the pieces were cut in one pass for this block (2 Dies) and laid out as before.
Again, as before I stitched it together in order, and here is the finished block. I am incredibly pleased. I would highly recommend the Build a Block to absolutely anyone. What an amazing piece of kit.
Now for the Paper/Card test. Like so many crafters, I had dies that I have never been able to cut perfectly whatever I tried. Turning, extra shims etc. These had been left in the folders and never saw the light of day. I have had 5 different die cutting machines and none of them had cut these particular dies. I have tried them all in the Gemini Machine now. I won’t list them all but here is one of them.
It cut first time, perfectly and a lot of the waste came out with a gentle tap. Over the moon sums it up!! Every one of the 7 dies I had, cut like butter. I couldn’t be happier or praise it highly enough.
I can honestly say, I shall eat my hat!!! I had always wondered if it could possibly be as good as we were told, or what I had read. So the Gemini has a huge thumbs up from me. The only downside for me is that I wish I had got one a lot sooner. It’s wonderful letting it get on with the job, no more struggling with the handle, just restfully watching. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Gemini Machine, with absolutely no hesitation.
Thank you ever so much for joining me today and I really hope this post has helped you make a decision. I would like to add, it’s not that I didn’t trust Crafter’s Companion in any way. My opinion was, would it be any better than what I already had for my crafting. Now I have it at home, I can answer my own questions. Was it all true? YES. Would it make my crafting easier? YES. Or was it simply ‘The Emperors New Clothes? DEFINITELY NOT.


Hope you will join me again very soon, For now Take Care and Happy


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  1. I already have a Gemini and love it. Haven’t got the build a block dies they do look good but just can’t afford everything. Think the first two blocks that you have ever made look great x

  2. Im afraid I was very slow getting it, wish I had of got it sooner now. Th build a block is amazing, another best buy. Thank you ever so much.xx

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