Green fingers at the ready, it’s time to get back into the garden! Our gardening expert Lottie Newitt has put together these amazing top tips for Spring preparation in the garden. 

If you have any more tips to add, put them in the comments section below. Happy Gardening!

Late winter & early spring is the ideal time to prune back your Roses, preparing them for the spring growing season. Prune out any dead or diseased wood first, then prune all stems down to the first node (a small line-like mark on the stems, sometimes buds or growth can be seem emerging here) on the outer side of the stem, nearest the base of the Rose bush. Our 4 in 1 Ratchet Action Pruners are ideal for pruning roses, they are super easy to use and with the non-stick coated blade you can be sure of a clean cut which is vital as this can prevent disease setting into the cut.
Brighten up your outdoor space! The end of winter and early spring can be quite a dull time in the garden so why not add a bit of interest using light? We have a lovely selection of solar powered lights that will really add a bit of razzle dazzle to your borders, pathways & pots not only during the wait for spring, but throughout the rest of the year too!
De-clutter your borders & tidy up plants by removing all dead growth, fallen leaves, prune out dead or diseased growth from shrubs & trees & remove any emerging weeds (yes, weeds will start to appear if the weather stays mild late winter!). As long as no hard frosts are forecast, now is a great time to move old shrubs or plant new shrubs in the garden too.
Tidy up pots on your patio & around your garden by planting them with early spring flowering bedding plants & bulbs. Plants such as Pansy, Viola & Bellis can add brilliant pops of colour to your pots this time of the year. Potted bulbs or bulbs in the green are also a great way to brighten your late winter/early spring pots, Snowdrops, Aconites, Crocus & Narcissus are all lovely varieties.

Plan your garden for the Late Spring & Summer! Start to think about colours schemes or styles that you’d like to create in your garden this spring/summer. Hanging baskets are a great way to dress up entrances to your house, fences & back walls. Our Easy Fill hanging baskets are a fantastic way to create a mass of colour throughout your garden, an easy way to plant hanging baskets that give you a professional result! Plant up in May/June when the frosts have passed, I love using a mix of Begonia, Bacopa & Petunia in my baskets.

Rake up any remaining fallen leaves from off your lawn to prevent damage to the grass and/or patches from forming. Leaf mould acts is great mulch for borders, find a space in your garden where you can pile up leaf waste to compost down throughout the year ready for use in the autumn or following spring.

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  1. Love these garden shows, Lottie's knowledge and enjoyment of her 'craft' is obvious. I really like all the non garden products as well i.e bird boxes etc. Only problem is, it makes you want to get stuck in doing your own gardens but with all this wet weather its not possible, so I suppose I'll have to just watch and wait lol, well done Lottie.

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