Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all well and are keeping safe and warm in this horrible winter weather. I am beginning to think we will have a white Christmas this year, which yes will be nice to look at for a day but then I would love for it to disappear as quickly lol. Which brings me onto my choice of blog this month, something that reminds me of hot summer days and nights “mermaids and the sea”.

Craft Buddy have recently released this beautiful set of stamps that enable you to stamp beautiful mermaids and scenes all nautical themed. I decided to make a hanging plaque for this step by step.

For this project you will need:

  • Craft Buddy Nautical Adventure stamp set
  • Dawn Bibby MDF plaque
  • Craft Buddy shimmer paint in diamond ocean
  • Lynette Jasper PGG gritty topping “tigers eye”
  • Shells
  • Your choice of letters (I used Craft Buddy rhinestone letters)
  • Craft Buddy self adhesive glitter tapes
  • Colour me crazy toppers
  • Dawn Bibby glitter pens
  • Dawn Bibby moonshine pens
  • Lynette Jasper PGG gel medium
  • Glue gel
  • Dawn Bibby quick stick glue
  • Ink pads

Craft Buddy Mermaid stamps

To create this plaque you:

  1. Paint your plaque with your shimmer paint, give it a good coating and allow to dry.

Craft Buddy Mermaid stamps

2. When dry apply the gel medium to the bottom part of the plaque and add your gritty topping, press into the medium, give a good coverage and allow to dry.

Ribbet collage4

3. Apply blobs of gel medium to the gritty topping and add shells at random places, allow to dry.


4. Stamp out your mermaid, colour your mermaid in whichever way you wish, I used Dawn’s moonshine and glitter pens, cut the mermaid out.

Craft Buddy Mermaid stamps

5. Lie strips of the glitter tape across a piece of card, alternating the colours, stamp the tail using staz on ink over the top of them. Cut out the tail.

Ribbet collage3

6. Stamp out some of the seaweed and undersea plants, colour and cut out, glue them to your plaque.

Step 6 IMG_20181113_154055

7. Glue your mermaid and tail to the plaque using glue gel.

Step 7 IMG_20181113_232154

8. Add your choice of wording and the resin fish using glue gel.

Craft Buddy Mermaid stamps

9. Add a ribbon for hanging.

Craft Buddy Mermaid stamps

I hope you have enjoyed this step by step. I have had so much fun playing with these stamps. The set also include an anchor, rope and the ships wheel meaning they are perfect for making male themed cards.

I can’t wait to see what you all make with this beautiful set of stamps, until next time……

Take care

Love Sharon x

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