Hi everyone and welcome back  to my blog again. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Is it really the end of December already! I can’t believe that we will be letting 2019 in very shortly, this year has certainly flown by!

I thought for this blog I would introduce you all to the brand new “Rose making kit” from Craft Buddy being launched on the 7th January on Hochanda.  The concept is very similar to the earlier Carnation and Camellia flower making kit that sold out when it was first brought to air. You get everything you require in the kit to make these absolutely stunning flowers. I have made a bunch of roses and wrapped in cellophane so they actually look like a bunch of shop bought roses.

These flowers can also be decorated in many different ways, you can use glitters, shimmer paints, glitter drops, glazes, foils, metallic paints, sprays etc. The possibilities are endless. They also come in a choice of dark or light colours.

For this project you will need:

  • Flower making tool
  • Fabric flowers (either darks or lights)
  • Flower stems
  • Inner supports – clear cup
  • Inner supports – basket cup
  • Leaves
  • Base caps (green flower buds)
  • Florist wires
  • Patterned cellophane
  • Ribbon
  1. Take your flower making tool and place your flower stem (with the flat base at the bottom) onto the tool, pushing it all the way on.


2. Take one of your 5 petal flowers (the flower petals can sometimes be stuck together, please ensure you separate them before putting them on) and push all the way onto the stem.


3. Take the first inner support (clear cup) and press  firmly onto the stem, push all the way down.


4. Take two of the four petal flowers and push all the way down onto the stem.

5. Take the next inner support (basket cup) and press firmly onto the stem.


6. Take three of the three petal flowers and push all the way down onto the stem.


7. Add one of the leaves.


8. Add the base cap (green flower bud) by pressing it firmly down onto the stem.


9. Remove your rose from the flower making tool and “fluff” out.


10. I made 12 of the roses to make a bunch.


11. Take one of your florist wires and push into the end of the stem firmly.


12. Do this with all 12 flowers and then arrange into a bunch.

13. Wrap your cellophane around the roses and secure with sellotape.


14. Tie a matching ribbon around to secure and finish it off.


There are many ways in which you could use these flowers, on your cards, mixed media, home décor etc, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to tune in on the 7th January for lots more inspiration on how to use them.

Happy New Year to you all, see you in 2019!

Love Sharon x


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