Don’t you just love getting to play with new paints.  The first thing I do is dip my finger in!  That’s completely normal – right?
I was really happy to have a go with the gorgeous paints from Imagination Crafts.  These have a fantastic sheen, which is due to the finely ground metal sheets which the paints contain.  They are a waterbased paint, but will work on a good variety of surfaces.  
Before I decided to use them in a project, I had a quick play, and wanted to share my results with you:

First, ribbon.  One white grograin ribbon, metallic blue looks rich, and you have that wonderful sheen of the silver.  One the black, the same paint just shows that fantastic silver pops.  It dries so you still have some flexibility so perfect for using with your cards. 
Talking of card making, and making sure all your embellishments match tonally – you will need gems.  The paints cover the gems perfectly, dry, and still have that incredible silver sparkle.
And look at the paint on just plain white card.  How rich is that colour, and that’s only one coat.  The top die cut has actually been covered with glitter, which I then painted.  It gave a really good coverage, and again, shines.

I decided to have a play with a stencil from Clarity.  I simply sponged over the top.  The really intense patch is pure paint.  The lighter, is the paint watered down.  It still gives a great coverage, and still has that metallic finish.
Finally I wanted to see what the paints would look on a canvas.  I used the blue, platinum and Cyclamen.  I covered the canvas in paint first of all.  Some intense, and then I also added water to my sponge to get a variation in shades.  I then used the masks and sponged over them.  Some of the paint leaked under the masks again, as I didn’t bother sticking them down, but I actually liked this look.  The paint dried with a little texture as well – and of course, the metallic sheen speaks for itself.
Watch out for Sue with more incredible techniques and products, when Imagination Crafts joins us again on Hochanda.
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