Create beautiful storage for any room of your home with these wooden boxes from Creative Company. These storage boxes are perfect to jazz up your craft room, add some colour to your living room or perhaps pop them up on the wall as decorative shelving in your child’s bedroom; the possibilities are endless!

Creative Storage Box 

You will need:

Set of 2 Pine House Shape Storage Boxes
– Chalk Paint, we recommend the Colourman Chalk Paint 
– Scissors
Patterned Paper
Double Sided Tape

How to Make: 

Step 1 

Paint the wooden box with Chalk paint on the inside and the outside. Leave to dry and apply another one or two more coats to the outside of the box depending on the colour (light colours = several coats). Leave to dry between each coat.

Step 2

Paint the outside of the box with the other of the two colours in the process. Leave to dry. In order to achieve the slightly worn look, sand with 80 grit sand paper.

Step 3

Measure the back of the inside of the book box and cut a piece of design paper to match these measurements.

Step 4

Use double-sided adhesive tape to attach the design paper onto the back wall of the inside of the box. You may finish with an application of wax. This provides in a lovely finish and protects against damp; the bookcase can now be wiped with a damp cloth.

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Happy Crafting, x

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  1. Hi Hochanda, very interesting, looks so good, thanks for the technique, will have to invest in some of these.

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