This technique idea came from a card that, a now passed dear friend, sent to me and I thought I would recreate the flower element for you.

What you need:

A prepared card base with decorative papers and a central point for your flower embellishment
Heavy weight vellum plain or pattern
Flower dies
Perfect medium or Versamark (Sticky Ink)
Clear embossing powder
Distress Ink or Oxide Ink and applicator
Heat gun
Non-stick craft mat
Beads/ brads or stamens
Optional fine glitter


Place your prepared card to one side.
Die cut a variety of flower shapes and sizes from the vellum.
On a craft mat, cover the vellum flowers in the sticky ink.
Add your clear embossing powder and heat until glossy.
Once cooled, add sticky ink to the reverse of the same flower and cover with clear embossing powder.
Using tweezers pick up the flower and heat until glossy – put to one side.



Carry on and clear emboss all of your flowers.
Now don’t be frightened at this part. Take a couple of the flowers in your hand and scrunch them up – crack the emboss – fold over the petals – distress these flowers as much as you like.




Once you are happy with the cracked effect, add inks to the cracks and make them more distressed – choose a darker ink colour than your vellum so that the cracks will stand out. I found a brush worked well for getting into the cracks.  Repeat with all your flowers.
Layer all the completed flowers up and I used a little glue to keep them together.


Here are a few more examples of different cracked and distressed vellum flowers. Use different die cut flowers to get different results also using glitters, stamens and pearls.





Now bring your prepared card back into play and add your flower and a few die cut springs. Your beautiful card is now complete!


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