Hello, great to have you along today! I am sharing some inspiration for your Fathers Day cards ready for next weekend. Fathers Day is meant to compliment Mothers Day. Nowadays, as much as we enjoy celebrating our Dads on this special day, many of us are unaware of it’s origins. Unlike Mothers Day, that dates back 100’s of years, Fathers Day is a fairly recent introduction. According to historians, the first Fathers Day was actually in the US in 1908. It was following a mine explosion that killed over 360 men, 200 of those were Fathers, between them they left their widows and over 1000 Sons and Daughters. In 1910 a tradition was set, all sons and daughters would wear a rose to church, a red rose in admiration for a living Father and a white rose to pay tribute to a deceased Father.
Before we get into this blog post, if you’ve been following my ‘Create Your Own Journal’ series, you’ll know I’m giving one lucky winner the final journal. The winner is Margaret.

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Margaret, please comment below and we can organise getting your prize sent out to you. Congratulations!
Back to the blog post now…
For this card you will need:
  • Celtic Corners, Patterns and Alphabet A5 Plates
  • Groovi Club Back Issue 9 Celtic Knot
  • Groovi Light Wave Panel
  • Pergamano Embossing Mat (or similar)
  • Perga Colours (or similar)
  • Black Parchment
  • White Parchment
  • Embossing Tools
  • Black Card
  • White Card
  • Black Brads
Step 1: Emboss ‘DAD’ onto your white parchment measuring 6 1/2 x 2”.


Step 2: Cut your black Parchment to give 17 x 10 cm and a 17 x 5.5 cm pieces. Secure your narrower strip over the Groovi Plate design and emboss the Celtic knot. Continue to arrange parts of the design onto your panel.


Step 3: Emboss the corner sentiment design onto your larger piece, then add more knots to create your design. Add some of the smaller embellishments. (See Photo)


Step 4: Start adding your white embossing, working from behind. Remember to add a little and rest the piece in between.


Step 5: Continue until the white work is complete.


Step 6: Cut your white card to 18 x 19 cm and secure your design to the white card using red liner tape as shown in the photo.


Step 7: Add a very small amount of embossing to the letters just for a little dimension. Colour from behind with black and green perga colours.


Step 8: Layer your white parchment onto a piece of black measuring 17 x 5.5 cm and white measuring 17.5 x 6 cm. Make a hole through the layers and secure with 4 black brads.


Step 9: Add your design to a black card base.


Step 10: To add dimension and save foam tape or pads, secure a piece of cardboard packaging behind your panel, making sure it’s small enough not to show.


Step 11: Position and secure your ‘Dad’ panel to the base card.


Finished Card
Thank you so much for joining me today, I do hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and the finished card I have shared with you. Please leave your feedback, I love to read you comments. Until next time take care and Happy Crafting.xx

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