Hello everyone! If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of acetate packaging from dies and some stamps, and like me, you don’t dare throw it away because it could be useful! I will be doing an entire blog on acetate diorama cards later on, but for today, I started simple. First, I have some spectacular dies from Simply Defined that can be used alone to make really cool cards. Here are the dies with some of the accompanying extras:


(side note: I have already lost a spider and 2 crows, darn it! They are tiny, so if you get these sets, make sure you keep the little bits together better than I did.)
How cool are these?!? Plus, they each have embossing features as well, which for me automatically makes me pull out sandpaper and magic paper, or white core paper would work, too. Here are the before and after pictures:




In case you are wondering why I had redline tape next to the sandpaper, I used it to make a finger sander:


Now, I was happy with how it looked, so I used several different colour paper, my favourite was the red/black combination. I used a punch to cut the circle and oval out of a pearled card blank.


So, these are pretty cool, but what else could I do? How about vellum? Or, how about vellum with the sanded card? Or, how about sanded card, acetate and vellum? Yes, we have a winner! (I apologise for the glare, but I wanted to make sure the acetate could be seen.)


The dimension achieved with using a cut down piece of old acetate packaging is amazing! I used Cosmic Shimmer and Tombow wet glue (they both work essentially the same, Towbow is just easier to get on this side of the pond), and had no trouble with the acetate and vellum staying put, but I did have to spend time buffing the bits of glue off the acetate. Then, I attached each of these to a premade card blank, added the crows and spiders and the Happy Halloween sentiment, and within about thirty minutes, I was totally done. Hahahahaha – just kidding, I was doing batches over a period of a couple of days, but if you were to only make one, and not dither about like I did, I imagine you could do it in about 30 minutes.
So, while I was working on this, I had Craft Price Drop on in the background, and as Dave and Leonie (she’s my Favourite favourite!) were amusing us all, Leonie used spray glue on vellum, so I immediately tried it (after CPD of course), and it works great! No more worrying about glue getting on the acetate and showing, it worked perfectly. Thanks, Leonie! Here, take a look:


So here are my three pieces: one of the black card stock with white core that I sanded, vellum that I also embossed and a piece of acetate I cut out from an old die package.
(I know this is Fiona, not Leonie, but I was too excited to take a picture of Leonie and Dave. Hi, Fiona & Dave!)


So I sprayed the front of the black/white card and the back of the vellum, then sandwiched the acetate between them. I didn’t want to smear the acetate, so I laid it down on top of a magazine, and pressed everything into place, flipping it over to make sure both sides were well and truly stuck to the acetate. I let it dry for about twenty minutes, then using my liquid glue, attached it to a piece of Crafter’s Companion purple mirror card, and my card topper was complete, with no buffing needed! I made several of these because I found I could get several different looks from changing the type of card stock, or adding vellum and/or acetate.


I also decided to do the inside sentiment on vellum as well. Using my computer, I typed my sentiments in two columns, and then printed those out on vellum. Using a pretty Spellbinders die, I cut through two pages at a time like so:


These I put on the inside of the card, and now, for the finished products:


So many ways to utilize the same two dies! Also, they cut like a dream, no “weeding” with these, all I had to do was flick the paper to get the pieces out of the vellum/paper and tap on the die to get rid of the little pieces. Here are some close ups:


Thank you for spending your time reading my blog, and I hope you will share some of your top tips, too! If you want more information on the dies or anything I used, please visit me on Facebook at Creative Cards by Sherrill Willis for links and a short video. Next blog I will show some of the myriad of ways to use Zutter clipboard/chipboard/etc. covers. Until then, happy crafting!

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