Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Foamiran Rose tutorial that I shared with you. Following on from it, here are some finishing touches.
Main Picture
For the Rose Sepals you will need:
  • Sage Green or Leaf Green Foamiran
  • Iron
  • Glue Gun
  • Deep Green Oil Pastel
  • Pink/Red Oil Pastel
Step 1: Fold a square of Foamiran in half, shown on paper to make it easier to show.
1 (1)
Step 2: Fold in half again.
2 (1)
Step 3: Cut a leaf shape into the Foamiran, again shown on paper.
3 (1)
Step 4: Unfold.
4 (1)
Step 5: Tint the leaf using a fair amount of green and add just a touch of red here and there.
5 (1)
Step 6: Fold the leaf back up and twist back and forth a few times and then unfold.
6 (1)
Step 7: Roll a small piece of foil, thread it onto the base of your rose, followed by the leaf sepal. Add glue to the base and manipulate to form the Rose hip.
7 (1)
Step 8: Secure the middle of the leaves using a very small drop of hot glue, you only want a small part of the leaf to show.
8 (1)
For the accent flowers you will need:
  • White or Ivory Foamiran
  • Light Pink Oil Pastel
  • Large Ball Toll
  • Florist Wire or Wired Stamens
  • Tacky Glue
  • Yellow Flowersoft.
Step 1: Cut 2.5 x 2.5 cm squares of Foamiran, you will need 5 for each flower. Cut the same petal shape as we did for the roses (See Yesterdays post).
Step 2: Lightly colour the very bottom of each petal with the pastel and sponge.
Step 3: Shape the petals with a large ball tool on a foam mat to give a cupped shape.
Step 4: Glue the tip of the first petal and secure to the next slightly overlapping at an angle, we are aiming for a circle. Repeat this with the remaining 3 petals gluing the last petal to the back of the first.
Step 5. I had run out of stamens, so I made a loop on one end of my florist wire with round head pliers and threaded my blossom to it.
Step 6: Add a drop of Tacky glue to the centre, covering the wire. Add the yellow Flowersoft to give the look of pollen.
These flowers are great to add to an arrangement as accents or fillers. They even make the most beautiful Cherry Blossom en mass. Also they look good with different sized petals for Dog roses or wild roses. Try experimenting and see what  you will make.
I hope you have enjoyed this Foamiran double post. Have you been watching Anna today, she always brings so many nice goodies and lots of inspiration. Please leave your feedback and comments below, it’s always great to read them so I know if you are enjoying the things I share. Until next time Take care and Happy Crafting.xx
  1. Great tutorial on finishing off the roses and on some beautiful smaller flowers,thank you Nick

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