Hi again, thank you for joining me again today. It’s always great to have your company. Following on my floral embellishment series today, so I thought I would share some Foamiran Chrysanthemums. I will be sharing a tutorial on Foamiran Roses on April 8th, so I do hope you will make the date. The flowers can be used as flowers or to decorate any craft project where you would like to add them.
For these you will need:
  • White Foamiran
  • Green Foamiran
  • Pale and Mid Orange Oil Pastel 
  • Red Oil Pastel
  • Deep Green Oil Pastel
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Florist Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Iron
Step 1: (Shown on Paper) Cut circles in the sizes and amounts shown. I have also included a cutting guide for reference.


Step 2: Cut all the slices into your circles, leave at least 1 cm from the centre or it might tear (It’s happened to me). Top tip: I find the easiest way to cut it to start with 12,3,6 and 9pm, then half way between each and then half way between those. I am sure you will find what is best for you.


Step 3: Round the edges of each of the petals, I find it easiest to round all one side, then turn and round the other side. It takes no time at all and sitting in front of the TV it’s quite relaxing.


Step 4: Colour your petal pieces, for the largest just use the light orange. For the next size, use the pale orange and add the mid orange round the edges and tips. Use a mixture of the 2 oranges for the next and lightly tint around the edges with a little red. For the smallest you can really build up the colour using the oranges and be a little heavier around the tips and edges with the red.


Step 5: Shape your petals. The 2 smallest sizes are simply a case of holding them on your iron, they will form a cupped shape naturally without help (keep these to sizes apart as you may mix them up). For the largest, place each individual petal on the iron and gently pinch to shape. Again once you have done a couple, you will find it very easy.


Step 6: Roll a small amount of foil, make a hole and secure the florist wire with hot glue. Cover the foil with a scrap of Foamiran, coloured with mid orange, using the hot glue. Assembly for these is very easy. Take the smallest cup, thread onto the wire and secure at the base, add a little more hot glue and gently stretch to almost cover the base. Repeat with the other cupped petals, using less glue each time. The next layers are only lightly glued at the base.


Step 7: Cut small rounded edged leaf shapes from Green Foamiran.
Step 8: Colour the leaves with deep green oil pastels, twist back and forth to add shape. Secure them to the base of your blooms.


 Step 9: Display your blooms in either a vase or use them in any of your crafting projects.


Thank you again for joining me today. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and the finished flowers. I would love to have your thoughts and comments below, if you have time to leave them. It’s always great to have your feedback. Take care and Happy Crafting.xx
  1. As always Nick you have done the product proud clear easy to follow instructions that everyone can follow and I know achieve flowers they would be proud of .you have a lovely way of teaching taking people on the journey with you thank you for sharing your art and knowledge and it’s nice to know so many people are in love with what you do and appreciate all the hard work you do have a great week big love Marc

  2. Madeleine Urquhart says:

    The flowers are lovely. I will have a try at making them later. Thank you very much for the tutorial.

  3. These are brilliant Nick. I just need to make them. I have the foamiran. Need the confidence to start. I lack that.

  4. These are amazing Nick and as everyone says they look so life-like. Unless you know otherwise you would be sure that they are real. I too have foamiran but have yet to take the plunge to make anything with it.

  5. Thank you so much Marc, What a lovely comment to read. I do love to share my experiences with products, I wish something like this had been around when I started crafting. I am so happy to read that you found the tutorial clear and hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again for taking the time to write your thoughts, it really does mean a lot to read.Take care.xx

  6. I am so glad that you liked the tutorial I have shared today and the finished flowers. I have a tutorial on the 8th and 9th of April for some Foamiran roses, I hope you will take a look. Thank you ever so much for sharing your comments, I really appreciate it and love to read them.xx

  7. Thank you Madeleine, I am so glad you like the flowers I have shared today. I do hope you have a go, I know you will enjoy making them. You’re more than welcome, I love to share and if I have helped or inspired then it has made my day. Take care xx

  8. Thank you very much Helen, I am so happy you think so. Please do try it, you will love the things you can make with it, It’s a wonderful media to work with and very relaxing too. Thank you so much for your comments.xx

  9. Really pleased to hear that you liked the tutorial. It’s a wonderful media to work with, you can manipulate it to make the flowers. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on here. I really love to hear what you think of the things I share.Take care x

  10. Thank you so much, You really do have to have a go, Dig out your foam and give it a go. If you would rather wait I do have some accent flowers on the 9th April, might be a nice way of giving you confidence without using too much foam. Once you have done a few, you will fall in love with it and won’t stop. Then you can move onto a bigger bloom. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your thoughts, I really do appreciate it and love to hear what you thin.xx

  11. Thank you Nicola, I am so pleased you think they look life like as well, Its such a great media to make the flowers with. I am really looking forward to sharing the roses with you on the 8th/9th April. I do hope you will join me for those posts. You must get the Foamiran out and have a go. In the next post with the roses I also have some accent flowers, maybe start with those to get you going.. Take care xx

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