Hi everyone! I’m always impressed by those people who are completely done with everything Christmas related by now. I sincerely wish I was one of them, but no, I’m definitely not. Not that I have much to do, just some finishing touches. This year I decided to make my own tags for all the gifts I’m giving and thought I’d share some of them with you. So let’s get started.

I have a couple different die sets, and I gathered a bunch of dies I wanted to try out, pictured here:

Ribbet collage.jpg

I also made a bunch of tags for a local business that used them in their gift boxes, so I really got to try out a lot of different types of dies, card, embellishments, etc. I won’t go into great detail, but I did use poster board as my base since heavy card stock is hard to get and very expensive here. It added a second step, but I’m glad I did it, due to how flimsy they would have been without that backing. I mainly used the biggest Sizzix tag, it’s the largest in that tag set, and it easily cut through two sheets of poster board at a time which sped up my production time. Here’s an example of the poster board backing:


The one on the bottom and all those in the top row are the poster board that I stamped To and From on, then adhered those to the back of the pretty paper, mirror board and/or foiled overlay. Instead of me rambling on, here’s a bunch of pictures of the many different types I made.

I’m hoping what you will get out of this, Dear Crafty Reader, is the versatility there is even with something as mundane as tags:

Ribbet collage2

Ribbet collage3

I love how the foil turned out on these, I’ve had so much fun with my Glimmer Foiling system!! I also had fun using Nuvo drops on the trees, they really do look like tiny ornaments.

Okay, lets do one quick technique. I got this from watching El’s, from Elizabeth Craft Designs, on YouTube, and it really is quite easy to achieve.

First you want to use a die set that has both a shadow & detail die, like this one I used from Card Making Magic:


You’ll want to use double sided adhesive on only the shadow die, NOT the detail die. Now, you could just use glitter paper on both pieces, but where’s the challenge in that? Once you have all your pieces cut, you’re going to want to make yourself a little glitter box, another genius idea from El’s. On the bottom I have a dry Swiffer mop cloth, a coffee filter and for good measure, a used dryer sheet (I use that to wipe my hands off, gets the glitter all off, and I wipe the cut die pieces to get rid of any static).

Here’s mine:


After you wipe all your cut pieces with the dryer sheet, take half of the removal sheet off the shadow piece, like this:


Then pour glitter over the uncovered portion, rub it in really good-I use my fingers then a stiff stipple/stencil brush. This will bring out the shine in the glitter and make sure the next colour you use won’t stick where you don’t want it to. Then, remove the rest of the release sheet and pour your second colour of glitter, burnish again and you’re done! I also did one where I went around the outside with green, and used red on the middle. Here’s a few examples of what I created using this fun and easy technique:

Ribbet collage4

Don’t my examples look great on my new Tonic glass mat? I must have been a very good blogger this year, thank you Hochanda, I love it! One more tip, if you smudge the ink when stamping, try a sand eraser, I have found this works far better, and faster, than the other rubber eraser you have to constantly trim. Have a look:

Ribbet collage5.jpg

Thank you for spending some of your time reading my blog, I appreciate your support and sincerely love seeing your pictures, and if you have any tips or comments, please leave them below and I will respond just as soon as I can. From me, and my sons, Josh & David, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday surrounded by loved ones and lots of chocolate! I’ll have one more blog this year, and it will be on my Graphic 45 Christmas Album. Take care, and happy crafting!!

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