Morning. Floral embellishments make beautiful adornments for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media pieces and all manner of other projects that you might be creating. They come in such an array of colours, styles and sizes made from a variety of materials.
I will be sharing some of them with you in my Floral Embellishment series over the coming days and weeks. If there is anything you are particularly interested in seeing, do leave your comments below.
Today I am sharing Fabric Rosettes along with my video link for Satin Ribbon Roses.
 For the floral series, I have hand dyed some calico fabric. All of the flowers I am sharing can be made with any fabric such as lace or for a more luxurious card, even silk. The fabric you choose will change the look and texture you achieve, allowing you to get just the right style for your project, so just experiment. 
The Fabric Rosette: This is a fairly structured Rosette flower, but would look very different made with other fabrics, or even frayed, lace looks amazing and delicate. They are very relaxing to make, do experiment with other fabrics once you get the hang of it. It uses very little fabric.
For this you will need:
  • Approximately 15 – 20 2” Circles of your fabric for each bloom
  • A 2” Circle of either fabric or card for your base
  • Glue Gun
  • Chosen centre embellishment or 2-3 extra petals.
Step 1: Cut your circles. Top Tip: If you don’t have a machine/die that can cut multiples, then use a card circle to act as your guide, then cut with scissors. You can easily do 5 or 6 at a time depending on your scissors.

 Step 2: Fold your fabric in half
Step 3: Fold a third of your fabric circle and secure with a dot of glue from the gun.
Step 4: Fold the last third of your fabric and secure to the edge with a small drop of glue from the gun. Repeat until you have the amount you require.
Step 5: With the open edge facing you, add a dot of glue to the tip and secure to your base abut 1- 1.5 cm from the centre.
Step 6: Continue with each petal, either butting them up together, or for a fuller look overlapping them very slightly. (always have the open edge facing you)
Step 7: When the first layer is complete, repeat in the centre. Top Tip: Do make sure all of the petals are level on the outside to get a really neat look.
Step 8: If you choose to, you can add a coupe of additional petals to the centre, it will be either 2 or 3 for a domed look.
Step 9: An embellishment added to the centre looks great, that way you can really match it to your project. Buttons, brads or crystals. Large pearl embellishments look particularly striking.
Silk Ribbon Roses:
Ribbon is something most of us have in our crafty stash. Ribbon makes a neat and classic embellishment for any project, in any colour. Once again though, these can be made with strips of fabric for a shabby chic look. Top Tip: For best results the material you choose should be double sided.
These are incredibly easy to make and once you get going can prove addictive. They can be made with any width of ribbon or fabric. I have not given a specific length as this really depends on the fullness of the bloom you want to create. The best way, is to work from the reel and cut when you are happy with the size.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I do hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and my Silk Rose video. More importantly, I hope that you will have a go.
I would love to hear what you think as I love to read your comments and feedback.
For now Take care and Happy Crafting.xx
  1. Angela Brennan says:

    Love these 2 ways of making flowers. Thank you Nick for sharing this with everybody
    I am new to your blog so finding my way around xx

  2. i have made several paper flowers before, but not with fabric. I have some cream fabric in my stash and some watercolour pigment powders so i am going to have a go at the rosette style. Thank you for sharing an in depth tutorial that will be easy to follow.

  3. Thank you Nicola, Glad you like this first in a series of flower making tutorials. Like I said depending on the fabric you use you can get some very different looks to suit your project. Hope you do have a go. Thanks again.xx

  4. A very warm welcome to you Angela, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, i love to read them and have your feedback. So pleased that you like these and hope you will join me on Wednesday and Friday for some more floral Embellishment tutorials. Thanks again.xx

  5. I am so pleased to here you enjoyed the tutorial and found it easy to follow. I hope you do have ago with the fabric you have, Once you have tried it once, experiment with other fabrics for a totally different look to suit whatever you are doing. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments it does mean a lot to read them and have your feedback.x

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I do love to read them. So pleased you like the rosette, well worth having a go and trying other materials.Thanks again.x

  7. Hi Littlelamb. I am glad you like the flowers and hope you do try them out. We all use them on our cards and projects, great to be able to match up exactly to whatever you are doing. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to visit and leave your comments. It’s so nice to read them and have the feedback.Take care.xx

  8. You’re more than welcome Angela, I am glad you enjoyed it and found it clear to follow Thank you so much for taking the time to write your comments, I really appreciate it. x

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