This colourful little tote has an unusual construction that creates pocket on all sides, which I’ve edge with different colours of bias binding to create a rainbow effect.

Materials needed: 

  • Download the pattern from this link 
  • ½ yard [46cm] red fabric 
  • ½ yard [46cm] orange fabric 
  • 1 yard [91.5cm] lining fabric 
  • 100” [254cm] of 1” [2.5cm] wide bias binding, I used 5 colours 
  • 2 lengths of 22” [66cm] handbag handle webbing, I used two colours 
  • 1 yard [91.5cm] fusible fleece 
  • Handful of buttons in various colours and sizes 
  • Stick and Spray for fabric 
  • Fabric clips 

1. Cut out your pattern pieces. You can download the pattern from here. Fuse the fleece to the outer fabric pieces.

2. Spray the fleece sides with Stick and Spray and place the lining pieces on top. Edge the curved sides with bias binding. You may find it easier to press the tape in half, then wrap around the edge of your fabric before machine stitching.

3. Clip two of the straight sides of the largest pieces together, then place the smaller pieces on top and clip. Sew across the straight edge. {see picture, sew in between the two clips].

4. Fold the two remaining sides over so that all the straight edges are together, and hand sew with an over stitch across the edge. [Your fabric will probably be too thick to put through your sewing machine].

5. Take the base piece with the fleece fused to the wrong side. Sew bias tape along the two long edges. Fold in half right sides together and sew along the short sides. Turn the right side out.

6. Push the bag into the base and sew by hand all the way round.

7. Tuck the handle webbing evenly under the red fabric pockets, and machine stitch in place over the bias binding stitch line.

8. Add the buttons by hand, these are both to decorate the bag and to hold secure the pockets.

9. Then sew on a few buttons to the other side and you’re finished!

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  1. Mary Marshall says:

    Hi I love this and want to make it, but can’t understand how the pattern gives you this shape. Thanks

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