Hello again, everyone! I hope you got all your hearts desired for Christmas, and are ready for a great New Year! I know I’m ready, got all the Christmas decorations packed up and put away and I’m looking forward to a great year full of creativity and fun. Today, I’m bringing you a very popular die set from Tonic: the Hillingdon Purse. It’s the perfect size for gift cards, sweets (chocolate kisses were made for this!) or maybe a thank you note to that special person who spoiled you at Christmas. I made a couple to show you, so let’s get started.

Here’s the die set in all its glory:

Ribbet collage

The first thing I did was cut two main “body” pieces, burnishing the score lines gently since I went with pretty thin paper. I decided on this one not to cut into it with the detail and frame dies, but since I did want to jazz it up, I got out my ultra thick embossing crystals from Creative Expressions and found a stamp of some pretty flowers I had in my stamp drawer (I apologise for not knowing the name of the set, if anyone really wants to know I can dig out my invoices and let you know).

I stamped it on the backside of the purse with Versamark ink, then sprinkled some of the embossing crystals on. I let my heat gun get up to temperature, and because I didn’t want the crystals to go flying everywhere, I did heat it from the back, waiting until it started to bubble before applying heat in front directly on it. I did contemplate re-stamping it so I could layer up the embossing powder, which does look quite cool, but decided I liked the sort of vintage look it had after just the one time.

Ribbet collage1

Once I was happy with that, I cut the detail pieces out of the same paper. Here I do wish I would have used different paper, just because the contrast would have made the little detail pieces stand out more. But, this is why I do this, so hopefully I can help someone else from making the same mistakes I did. Now, you may like it fine this way, and I certainly don’t hate it, I think these are adorable!!

I did have to look up a video done by Jodie to figure out what the little line piece on the bow was for, and wow was I glad I did! Tonic really does think of everything. It’s to wrap around the bow, of course it is! Once I saw it I couldn’t believe I didn’t get it before! Now, my fingers are a little to pudgy to wrap that tiny piece, but that’s what tweezers are for, right? Then everything just came together and before I knew it, I was all done with purse #1. I did cut the flap off one of them since it’s really not needed, and added Velcro dots to the very end, circle part of the long part on the flap. Gee, that isn’t confusing at all, better if I show instead of tell. Take a look:

Ribbet collage2


There, now you can see in the first picture you can see the flap I cut off completely and if you look at the bow there’s a little piece of paper in the centre, that’s the one I wound around to the back with tweezers. To make the bow have some dimension I used my quilling wand (any small round utensil would work) to round the pieces before gluing them together. In the other picture you can just barely see where I put the Velcro. In the end, it looked like this:


I really like the flower just peeking over the top and honestly, I’m quite chuffed with how cute this turned out! (To my American friends, “chuffed” means happy, or pleased. I’m here to help.) Now that the first one was done my mind started racing thinking of all the different ways this could be used, but in the interest of keeping this fairly short, I decided on using my favourite: patterned acetate!

You didn’t know that was my favourite? Well, to be honest, neither did I until I started playing around with all sorts of different paper, like mirrored, glittered, metallic, textured, etc and when I was just about to go for a mirror/glitter combo, I found my stash of patterned acetate and knew that would be perfect!

This time I used two of the detail pieces, one for the flap, and the other for the front and back and cut those out using my precision base plate, which made all those tiny pieces just fall right out with just a few flicks:


I cut off the flap from one piece, then using the frame dies, cut the acetate. Even though I ran it threw my Platinum twice, turning it once in the process, I still needed to use my scissors a bit to get the acetate pieces out. I used some wet glue, attached it in back of the detail pieces, and let it dry which only took about five minutes.

Then I folded along all the score lines to make sure the acetate was well and truly glued to the paper before using wet glue again to put the two pieces together. I used the Velcro dots for the flap closure, it amazed me how well that worked! Using the handle die, I cut two handles, glued them together and since I didn’t have much space to glue the handle to the purse, I used Glossy Accents to glue the handle in place knowing a little bit of that will act almost like cement. It’s definitely my go-to glue for small/tight spaces.

Ribbet collage3.jpg

Then I got to stand back and admire my cute gift boxes:


I hope this will inspire you if you already have this set to try different types of materials, and if so please share which combination is your favourite! If you don’t have these dies, a little bird told me if you watch Craft Price Drop this set has been on for some ridiculous prices, and it might be on there again. Otherwise, even retail is reasonable for the use you will get out of this set. Yes, there is another set that is geared more to men, and I’ll be doing a blog on those sometime soon. Thank you for spending some time here with me, and until next time, happy crafting!










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