Morning Crafters. I hope you have all had time to digest the tutorial from yesterday. Here’s how to make the spine for your journal, which will allow for expansion as you add all of your treasures, it will grow with you. Do take your time with this part, you really want it to be right and rushing through might spoil the end result. I would recommend reading it through first to make sure you understand each stage. Don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments below if you are unsure of anything or need help.
You will need:
  • Black Card 19 x 24.5 CM
  • Sharp pencil or propelling pencil.
  • Collall Tacky glue or Cosmic Shimmer
  • Scoreboard and scoring tool.
Step 1: Score your card at 2 cm, 1/2 cm, 1 cm and 1 cm. Repeat this 8 times. See photos for guidance.
Spine 1
 Spine 2.jpg
Step 2: Fold and crease your scores as shown in the photo. You will now see that the 1/2 cm troughs will give you plenty of room for your journal to grow.
Spine 3.jpg
Step 3:  Turn the spine over, add some strong tape, either Wonder Tape or Red Liner Tape to one side of the adjoining 1 cm sections, see photo. * Top Tip: You can also add a little wet glue for added strength.
Spine 4.jpg
Step 4: One by one, peel off the tape backing and secure the 1 cm sections to each other. Repeat for each in turn. Your spine should now look like the photos, Front and Back.
Spine 5.jpg 
Spine 6.jpg
Step 5: Centre your card spine onto your journal spine section, there should be a slight gap top and bottom. It is very important to ensure that the 5 mm score lines at each end of the spine fit within the journal spine. As scoreboards and tools vary slightly, it could be 1 or 2 mm out, in which case, it’s important to gently re score in situ. Then bend these lines back and too, to ensure easy opening. * Top Tip: Hold in place with something weighty while you check.
Spine 7.jpg
Step 6: Cover either the back of your spine or the spine section of your journal with wet glue. Take your time to carefully position. Leave to dry thoroughly.
Spine 8.jpg 
Step 7: Now add glue to the tabs either side of the spine and secure to the front and back covers of your journal. Feel free to re score gently to reinforce the score lines within the journal spine. Leave to dry thoroughly.
 Spine 9.jpg
Now it’s time to secure your pages, take care here, make sure you add each page the right way up. I was hurrying to finish and made this error, luckily with wet glue there is a short period of grace.
Step 1: Using sharp scissors, cut the corners of the page tabs from both sides of the spine. Burnish each page tab, back and forth to loosen the fibres and make turning easier. (It will be tighter to start with anyway).

Page 1
Step 2: Add glue to each side of 1 page tab. Remove the insert sheet from your page. 

Page 2

Step 3: Slide page tab into the gap where the insert sheet lives. Ensure even adhesion and secure with clips while drying. Check that the page is the correct way up.

Page 3

Step 4: Repeat with all of your pages. Take your time and secure each page once in position.

Page 4

Step 5: Leave upright and secure until all of the pages are thoroughly dry, then replace the inserts.

Page 5
Thank you for joining me again today. I really hope you have enjoyed the journey so far. I would love to hear your story and how you have been getting on with this make. That’s the base finished now, so hopefully you have liked the page ideas I have shared. Join me next time to see some of the decoration. The Giveaway is still running so please share the post and leave your comments, I do love to read them all. Until next time, Take care and Happy Crafting.xx
  1. Thank you for sharing all these steps to putting the journal together. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate it.

  2. I have always wanted to create my own journal from scratch so I thank you for the great tips to get me started. So excited to get started, thank you 😊

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