Hello again everyone, it’s that time again when it’s my turn to write a new blog entry.  Well I’ve had such an exciting time of late, I’ve barely had time to breathe. Many of you will have seen my samples on Craft Buddy and Dawn Bibby shows. It’s been a real treat being able to make these samples as it’s a bit of a dream of mine to be on a proper design team, not quite achieved yet but getting there.
Anyhow, I made a few cards for the Gem It launch and I thought that I would share with you another way to use your Gem It die. These are really pretty blinged up – please see the two photos below.

Blinged up Owl1

Blinged up owl2

This tutorial uses them cut into the card.  To do this project you will need:
  • 1 x Craft Buddy Gem It Owl die set.
  • 2 x 7×7 card blank.
  • Dawn Bibby Glitter card in purple.
  • Dawn Bibby vintage ribbon collection in lilac.
  • Dawn Bibby pointed resin gems in lilac.
  • Dawn Bibby lilac organic flower collection.
  • Hot glue gun or silicone glue.
  • Red liner tape.
  • Low tack tape.
Stage 1: Using your low tack tape take the owl die and place in the centre of the front of your card securing well.  Pass through your machine.  Taking care to poke all the remaining card out of the die cut sections and clean your die.
Stage 1
Stage 2: Take your glitter card and cut a strip to fit along the left hand side of your card and stick enough to ensure the owl is covered on the inside of your card.  Take another 7×7 card and cut the front off and stick over the top of your glitter card on the inside to mask the card area as it looks nicer to finish your card this way.
Stage 2
Stage 3: Take some of the ribbon and measure it with your card, stick some red liner tape down the right hand side of your card and fix the ribbon to it.
Stage 4: Add two pointed resin gems for eyes and start arranging your flowers along the left side as you wish and stick them down when you are happy using your glue gun or silicone glue.
And there you go, its as easy as that.  As I’m writing this I’m getting ready to go to Hochanda as part of the 3rd Birthday celebrations.  Can’t wait.  Hopefully I’ll get to tell you all about it some day 😉  Until next time, keep crafting!!  Love Tracy xxx

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