Hi everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. My tulips in are just coming out in the garden. This week’s blog is made with Craft Buddy’s new Gem It dies which launched on today’s One Day Special.  I hope you like it.  They are really well made and cut beautifully.  This card is all about glitz and glamour.
You will need:
  • 1 x 8×8 card
  • A selection of card stock to create the matting and layering, I’ve used Dawn Bibby Mirri card and glitter card and some craft perfect blue and black card.
  • Gem It Peacock die and Dawn Bibby Dream word die
  • Gem It Gems from Craft Buddy
  • A selection of glittered foilage from Dawn Bibby
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun or silicone glue
  • Wet glue or double sided tape
  • Wire cutters for cutting the foilage
Stage 1: Cut your matts to size and layer on the card. I decided to finish on the black to make the peacock pop. If you are new to mat and layering, my top tip is to get yourself a decent paper trimmer or guillotine to enable you to cut precisely. I just leave a few millimetre gap between each layer. I judge by eye and snip where you need to trim and then put the paper in the trimmer. Just remember to put it right up against the edge of the trimmer to enable a straight cut.
gemit Stage 1
Stage 2: Take your peacock die and cut, I’ve used a sparkly blue from the Dawn Bibby range of glitter card, non shed – it’s fabulous. You need to be careful when removing it from the die as there are lots of fine swirly bits when its cut.
gemit stage 2
Stage 3: Stick down onto your black slightly towards the right.  I’ve used Dawn’s fabulous glue here as the tip means you can ensure the small fine areas are stuck down. Whilst the glue is drying, add your ribbon down the left hand side of the card and tie a bow ready for later.
gemit stage 3
Stage 4: Cut into the foilage with your wire cutters and arrange as you wish. I’ve used hot glue to stick mine down as I’m far too impatient to leave them to dry overnight. Attach your bow from earlier and lastly add your gems to the peacock. To finish mine off, I die cut Dawn’s word Dream and matted and layered it.
gemit Stage 4
I really hope you like my card.  I think the Gem It dies are fabulous to create jaw dropping show stopper cards.  Hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine.
Love Tracy


Don’t forget to tune in at 1pm and 5pm today for Craft Buddy’s Gem It One Day Special.

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