Hello again everyone. Welcome to another of my tutorials on the Hochanda Blog. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and managing to get out and about whilst you can in the glorious weather. This project is ideal for you to make with your children whilst they are off on school holidays which is imminent.
I really hope you like it, it’s quite simple.  You will need:
  • 1 x Dawn Bibby square plaque
  • Self-adhesive fabric from Craft Buddy
  • Lace or ribbon for the hanger
  • Crystal art motif of your choice – I’ve used the unicorn
  • Dawn Bibby satin card stock in two coordinating colours
  • Dawn Bibby’s layering circle dies
  • Craft Buddy/Dawn Bibby assorted flowers
  • Craft Buddy metal flower embellishments
  • Silicone glue or hot glue gun or indeed Lynette Jasper’s clear gel medium
Stage 1: Cover the plaque in the fabric and cut as close to the edge as you can sanding around the edge with a sanding block to remove any stray edges. Using either scissors or a pokey tool, push holes through where they are drilled and put your ribbon or lace through. Tie a knot at the back to secure.


Stage 2: Cut a two circles of card stock using the circle dies and mat and layer one on top of the other. Stick on the plaque towards the right hand side slightly so it’s off centre.
Stage 3: Take your finished unicorn motif and stick onto these circles.
Stage 3
Stage 4: Using your flowers, arrange on the left hand side of the plaque and stick down creating multiple layers. Add as many embellishments as you wish.
Finished Project
And that is it. Hope you enjoy this project, it was one of my favourites to do. Until next time. Keep crafting.

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