Hello everyone and welcome to my first confession of 2019.
I hope you have all had a good start to the year? Did you make any New Year resolutions? I haven’t other than I’m going to try and be more creative with the mountain of crafting products I already have.
I was going to refrain from buying any more ‘stuff’ until Leonie’s last Graphic 45 show when I succumbed yet again…oh I am so weak! I bought the princess collection telling myself it would come in useful. I had every intention of creating something for my daughter for her 18th birthday. Well that birthday was last week and so far, all I have manged to do is open the packet and sniff and stroke the paper before closing the packet again!!
I honestly think Graphic 45 products need to come with a health warning! I mean where do you even begin chopping this up??
I have however started a cross stitch project which was one of my aims for this year. I love cross stitch and find it so therapeutic, the only problem is knowing when to stop. I have found it is helping me to relax and can be a good distraction, especially as you can still watch TV (Hochanda) whilst doing it. I haven’t stitched for about 14 years, but it honestly was like riding a bike!
Below is a photo of the project so far, can you tell what it is yet? This is about 4 weeks work and I don’t stitch every day. I will keep you updated with the progress.
Have you set yourself a challenge of either taking up an old craft or of learning a new craft this year?
One of my aims this year is to visit Chloe’s shop, it’s open to the public one day a week so I’m hoping during one of my weeks off work this year I can make it. I’m only an hour away so hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult.
I’ll hopefully get to attend some craft shows this year too, unfortunately most of them are too far away and tend to be in the south of the country. What about you, do you have any plans to visit any craft shows this year?
I’m looking forward to seeing the new products that Hochanda will be bringing us this coming year. I’m sure the year ahead will bring us a tonne of inspiration and no doubt start some of us on a new journey with a new craft.
If you’re staring a new craft good luck and why not share with us all?
Until next time
Leanne x

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