Hello again everyone, I hope you are all well and have had lots of crafty time?
It’s that time again already for me to share with you my crafting endeavours…
Well where do I start?
This month I have been busy moving my blog from blogger to WordPress. I’ve been thinking about it for ages and wish I had done it sooner. I am still learning how to use WordPress and haven’t posted for what feels like ages. I’ve still got some tweaking to do but looking forward to getting my first post published. I’m hoping the new blog looks more professional and less cluttered.
I haven’t done much crafting for pleasure this month and it’s starting to make me twitch. I have had a large order for place setting cards for a wedding in New York, USA. I thoroughly enjoyed making these, it’s lovely to play a small part in someone’s special day.
I have come to the conclusion that I need help….there really needs to be a therapy group for people who are addicted to crafting and buying crafting supplies.


There have been some amazing shows on Hochanda over the last month which has fuelled my need for help… then there’s craft price drop…aarrgghh! I have, however, learned a very valuable lesson and that is not to watch Hochanda while drinking gin. It is not good for the health of your bank balance!
 However, this month I’ve had a really bad case of crafters block and at one point it took me a week to finish a card. I left it on the table and kept looking at it. I just could not decide how to finish it.


I have realised however that my crafters block is caused by having too much stuff… it’s got my mind all clogged up! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this problem but it is awful. You start off making one thing, then can’t decide what to add, then get distracted by other stuff you have, then can’t decide what direction to take your project in…urrgghh!
So, in a bid to beat the block I’ve decided I’m not buying anymore ‘stuff’ until I go to Create It Live in Gateshead in September…I know I’ve made no spend promises before but I mean it this time! I’m also going to challenge myself to make projects with just 5 products and see what happens…
Next week I’m going to attempt to tidy and sort my stash. I know I have things that I’ve completely forgotten about. The things I no longer want or need I’m going to give to local crafting groups. I promise to take some photos.
However, before I convinced myself I don’t need anything more, I did manage to order the new memory book dies from Tonic. I had set 3 alarms on my phone to remind me because I knew I’d be at work when the show was on.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be at my desk or out and about so came up with 2 plans…if in the office, go to store cupboard to look for something when alarm goes off.  As no mobile reception in store cupboard will have to lean out of window to place order (try not to drop phone). If out and about on visits…arrive 5 minutes early so have enough time to order while sitting in car. However, on the day I had the office to myself…oh joy! So, I thought this will be great. I had already set the sky box to record the shows as I knew they would fly. I thought I had nothing better to do than have the show playing via the app while working…you have got no idea how many times I was disturbed by people phoning or coming into the office…unbelievable! I wish now I had been out and about as I could have got ‘stuck in traffic’…!!


So, join me next month to see how my no spending goes and what I manage to produce using only 5 items.
Until next time…
Thanks for popping by
Leanne x
  1. Tracy Sutton says:

    love your Craftaholic blogs. We’ve all been there, so much craft stuff in my house its making a takeover bid. Only rooms that don’t have any in are the kitchen and bathroom – yet!!!

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