Hello again everyone, I hope you are all well and getting plenty of crafty time?
It’s that time again when I confess all my crafty shenanigans…
The last time we spoke I said I wasn’t going to buy anything more…do you think I’ve stuck to this?….What do you think?…Of course I didn’t, in fact I think I broke my pledge the next day!!! The thing is, some things you just NEED to have and some offers are too good to refuse and I’m a sucker for a bargain.


In April, I spent a lovely day at Hochanda as part of my treat for being a brand ambassador. It was lovely to meet other blog ambassadors in person. We had a lovely tour of the studios and also managed to get ourselves on national TV while watching the very talented Jodie Johnson. I can honestly say that what you see is what you get with Hochanda. It is very informal and friendly but you wouldn’t believe how small it is!
Being the great blogger that I am I didn’t take any photos so have nothing to share with you but the highlight of the day was doing a workshop with the crafting genius Leonie…what a treat, it was well worth the 8 hour round trip…well Peterborough is a long way from mid Northumberland!
I don’t know about you but I am struggling at the moment to complete projects. My mind keeps wandering off. I think the reason for this is because I have too much stuff. When I look for something to complete a project, I discover something I forgot I had and start messing with that, like when you were little and started to tidy your room but spent most of your time playing toys you forgot you had! Anyway I can now tell people I’m working towards my PhD…Project half done!!


So this month I’m going to try and finish my half or nearly done projects, although I’m sure by the time I write next month’s confession I will have even more half done projects!!
My big boo boo I made this month was when I ordered the Sara’s Rustic Wedding Collection. I thought I had bought it on easy pay until it arrived and my husband says to me ‘is that the £125 craft kit you’ve bought?’…ouch…caught re handed! That’s what you get for sneakily ordering on your mobile while he’s not looking and not watching what you’re doing! Having said that this kit was worth every penny, it is stunning, watch this space for my take on rustic wedding invitations.
Have you tried the new Hochanda Go app, this makes sneaky ordering so much easier. It is so easy to use…possibly a little bit too easy…watch your fingers don’t slip!


There is also a new Facebook group-Crafting with Hochanda if you haven’t already joined. It’s a great place to see what other Hochanda customers are making.

Join us here

Anyway, I’m off to organise my stash and see what else I forgot I had…hopefully I’ll be finished in time for next month’s confessional…until next time….
Thanks for popping by
Leanne x

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