Hello everyone. Leanne again here and I have something to share with you all…I am a self-confessed Craft-a-holic. I am addicted to paper and dies and it’s taking over my life!
Surely I’m not the only one? At least I hope I’m not! Hopefully some of you can relate to this.
This month I have been particularly bad…I have spent a lot…I mean a real lot (I hope my husband does not read this). Personally, I blame Jodie Johnson…she has a lot to answer for!
This month it started when I bought an MDF scrapbook kit from Hochanda, which I haven’t even opened yet. I did have plans for it until I watched wine time with Jodie (I’m a crafty dafty) and the unveiling of the memory book dies. Well I can’t tell you how excited this made me. I set a reminder on my phone for 10am on the Friday when I knew they were being launched as I had a gut feeling they would fly and boy was I right. So while at work I had to sneak away, whilst holding my phone out of a window to get a reception, I placed my order before the end of the first show. I was so pleased for Jodie that they had been a success but was gutted I didn’t get to see all the demos she had planned. I have never re watched a show on rewind as often as I have for that launch show (forgot to set my sky box to record!).
My next delivery was of some stamps and stencils by Woodware that I had forgotten I had pre-ordered. Discretely I put them in one of my craft drawers, thinking my husband wouldn’t notice they’d been delivered.
Then, whilst watching Jodie on Hochanda yesterday didn’t I discover that the kaleidoscope boxes were on 3 easy pays…well it would be rude not to…my finger slipped and boom they were ordered. I’m now hoping my husband isn’t in when they are delivered! I think I need a sign for the door saying ‘don’t deliver the husband is at home’.
Today I’ve been shopping at the Metro Centre with my husband. ‘I just want to have a look in The Works for some card’ I say. I was looking for some basic card for the memory books. ‘Unless you want to go to the Range?’ he said. Now this is where I shocked myself with my response…’No I’ll just look in The Works’…30 seconds later…’Let’s go to the Range, they haven’t got what I want in here’…that’s more like me!
Now imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get what I wanted there either. However not to be defeated, I left with 2 new Tonic dies which I need to use for the memory books!
I don’t have a craft room and craft at my dining room table, therefore storage of my stash is a problem. There is not a cupboard in this house that does not contain craft stuff. I have even taken over the 2 sets of large drawers we had in the dining room. Originally, I had 1 set of 3 for my stash. I have now taken over 5 of the 6 drawers and I’m finding myself throwing things away to make way for craft storage. I have got the top shelf in the coat cupboard where I keep all my mixed media stuff, a shelf in the larder cupboard in the kitchen and top shelf of the cupboard in the hall. Even the airing cupboard stores the remains of my previous life as a cross stitcher.
Another issue with being a craftaholic is shopping. Any kind of shopping. There are some shops which are particularly dangerous to enter; B&M & any shop with ‘pound’ in the title. You see you think you’re getting a bargain, which of course you are, but because you’ve overfilled your basket with inexpensive goodies all those £’s add up and you still find yourself spending £30. Also, I no longer see things the way they were designed to be used. Even pot pourri ends up as embellishments on my cards. Then there’s packaging…don’t get me started on packaging…
I really hope some of you can relate to this and that I am not alone?
Thanks for taking the time to read and join me next month for more exploits in my life as a craftaholic!
Leanne x
  1. This so rings true with me, a fellow Tonicaholic. Can’t get enough of it, my house is rammed to the rafters, the storage boxes are making a bid for taking it over, help I’m being invaded. I also am addicted to Craft Buddy and Dawn Bibby products, it never ends… I’m going to drown in all this craft stuff that is in every corner, you are very reserved in drawers, mine is piled high in boxes. I think I may be addicted to those useful boxes that are about. Love it all, want it all. End result a miserable looking bank account but I love getting all those deliveries. Its like Christmas every day when they pop through the door. You know I’m addicted to Craft Price Drop now too. its not a good combination. I work from home so I’m happy to be able to sit and watch a programme every now and then, thank goodness…. Enjoy your day. I’m spending it doing some canvasses, a bit of mixed media, what’s not to love.

  2. leannemcalpine says:

    Ha ha Tracy, I’m pleased to hear I’m not the only one! I’m going to need therapy soon… or need to win the lottery!! Enjoy your day, I’m making a start on my MDF scrapbook…hopefully x

  3. I am on a very low income but my house is still stuffed with craft stuff. Trouble is ( or not) people gift me things to help with my charity work so parcels arrive randomly filled with yummy things. I was watching a jewellery show last week and longed for some of the products when I realised a friend had sent me a load of wire and a former last year so I was a happy bunny. I usually have what I need for most projects and do craft an awful lot as I am mostly housebound looking after hubby. My autistic grandson has always hated going in Hobbycraft but recently became very interested in crafts – thank you Mr Maker – so now we go in there as a treat for him!!! and buy fab bits and bobs which we use the same day. Right must switch off the lappy and finish another blanket now hubby has vacated my favourite chair and gone back to bed lol

  4. Lovely read as I could identify with lots of your problems ahem,even The Metro Centre dilemma as I too live in the North East. We are very lucky to have some great craft shops and regular craft fairs up here but I never gave enough storage fit my bargains. Happy crafting x

  5. You are not alone in this experience. I too have overflowing cupboards. I am lucky enough though to have a craftroom to store all my stash in. My hubby had enough of me slowly (a little bit rapidly) taking over the bedroom, so he put an extension on the utility room for me (although I do share with the washing machine,Tumble dryer and the freezer). A trip t the works and the Range is in order for me this week too. Oh Dear!

  6. leannemcalpine says:

    It’s lovely to hear that you get to share your crafting with your grandson . I hope you got your blanket finished? X

  7. leannemcalpine says:

    I too am hoping that husband takes the hint & makes me somewhere to craft… I hope you survive your trip to the range? X

  8. You are so not alone. My partner and I are moving soon and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that he won’t put up with every room being a craft workshop. To that end I’ve decided to get a ‘she shed ‘ though quite how ill.fot everything in is a mystery.
    I’m a sucker for Sheena and imagination crafts…

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