Hi Crafters,
I hope you are all craft happy. I have just recently moved house and I’ve been having craft withdrawal symptoms. I have yet to unpack everything and I was forced to store some of my craft stash at my Mum’s, as the van was literally not big enough to take all my craft supplies… yes it was really that bad!
Slowly my craft supplies are getting brought over, but nothing is organised or seems to go together. I was so grateful for my Rayher Concrete Jewellery making moulds and concrete to arrive just so I had something play with.

Concrete jewellery 2

I wanted to make concrete jewellery as soon as I saw it for the first time on HOCHANDA … I don’t think I was alone as I think the pendant kits sold out quickly. I had never seen or heard of concrete jewellery before and what is better than discovering new things?

Concrete jewellery 3

The making of the concrete is ridiculously easy and quick. You put a small amount of water with the amount of concrete powder that you choose with a ratio of 1-part water to 5-parts of concrete powder. I mixed the concrete in a disposable clear cup and mixed with a disposable wooden lollipop stick (not included with the concrete and moulds).
Concrete jewellery 4
After waiting just under 24 hours, the concrete was dry and I eased the pendants from the moulds. I removed the heart shaped one first and it came out very easy – so I was probably a little heavy handed when trying to take out the diamond pendant as I broke the top off it.

Concrete Jewellery 11

I still used the pendant I had broken by making a bale from black ribbon and gluing it on top, a metal bale would have also worked well. I was surprised that when the concrete comes out of the mould the pendant’s texture is incredibly smooth but you can smooth any slightly rough edges with a fine sanding block or emery board. You could even rough-up edges more to make it look more textured by sanding areas unevenly.

Concrete jewellery 12

I was keen to play around with different paints and pastes to embellish the pendants. Masonry paint would be perfect for the pendants but I only had some of my craft stash so I used what I could lay my hands on – experimentation is half the fun. I masked off areas to play with colour blocking and used Martha Stewart multi surface satin paint, Cosmic Shimmer Paste, Wink of Stella and alcohol markers.
I really wanted to use gilding flakes as I think it would look great next to the concrete but I haven’t found my gilding flakes or foils yet. The paints and pastes worked well but I felt the need to make sure it didn’t easily come off by applying clear varnish. I liked the matte look of the concrete so tried to keep some of the concrete bare. The Wink of Stella darkened the concrete slightly and gave a subtle shimmer.

Concrete jewellery 13

I didn’t have any of my jewellery making kit with me so I used a chain from another necklace, an old key ring and I had ribbon that I used as a necklace. I like to use ribbon in jewellery making, I usually prefer to end ribbon with metal ribbon/cord clamps or ends but the old nail varnish on the end trick works well. I also like the contrast of the hard concrete with the soft ribbons.
I feel there is so much more that can be done with some more experimentation. I would love to see if anyone else has just begun to play with this medium and if you have please share photos.
Lore x





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