Hi everyone, from the frozen tundra (aka Wisconsin)! It was -54 degrees when I decided I needed a shot of spring, so I decided to work on my sister’s butterfly tree early. She’s not expecting it until March, but because I was so in the need of spring, it’s all coming early. I thought you all out there might need a bit of spring in your life too, so let’s jump right in.


I like to start at the end, and then go back to the beginning so it (hopefully!) will all make sense. The whole reason I did these was because my middle sister, Loreen, keeps a year-round tree (several trees in fact) decorated for whatever season it may be, and needed something to decorate it with between holidays. So I got out some stamps and dies, and went to work.
Don’t we all have a plethora of butterfly stamps and dies, or is it just me? Can’t be, so, get out whatever butterfly dies and stamps make you happy, and start stamping! This is the one I started with, but others were used. I believe it’s a Crafter’s Companion stamp and die set:


Please excuse my dirty stamp platform, which I love because I get a perfect image every time, but I wanted to show that I went with a very detailed stamp. I did go with a less detailed stamp later, but for this one I knew I wanted a few (by a few, I mean 10) butterflies that would really stand out. I coloured them with my favourite pencils, Inktense by Derwent. I really just added a few general colours, and with a paintbrush and some water created some beautiful, if I do say so myself, and colourful butterflies:


I quickly discovered I’d be colouring butterflies for two weeks doing it this way, so I brought out my sprays and really went to town:


I really like using purple pearlescent sprays, and like the effect of the spray over the top of my coloured butterflies. I used Marabu fabric spray, a little Perfect Pearl spray and some Distress Spray Stain, but really, any sprays you have will work for this as long as you don’t soak the paper.


Then, I glued them together, and had to get out my Nuvo drops:


Then, because I had to watch Craft Price Drop, I did some fussy cutting on the beautiful butterfly paper Hochanda sent me. I have no idea who makes it, but it’s got to be 250-300 gsm. Honestly, I’m in love with this paper!


I loved how these turned out! I’m getting better with fussy cutting now that I have good scissors (Tonic has the best fussy cutting scissors, the handles are cushioned, so very comfortable to use). I also used some patterned vellum and acetate I had, and cut those with my butterfly dies:



You can somewhat tell I did use the pearlescent spray on all of these, then while they were damp, shaped them and gave a short blast with my heat gun so they kept their shape. I loved how the vellum ones turned out! Especially when I backed them with a matching acetate butterfly.
I know my sister plans on using little clothespins to clip them to her tree, so I got some and coloured those as well, because of course they have to somewhat match, right? Too much?


So there you have it! I so enjoyed having spring inside, even though it’s nothing but ice outside. I made my sister promise me to send pictures when she gets them all put together and clipped to her trees, so I will post those in a future blog. Thank you as always for spending some time with me, and until next time, happy crafting!

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