Hello, everyone! It’s still cold in northern Wisconsin, (because it’s winter and also water is wet) so I decided to make up a game. Have you ever seen that TV cooking show where the contestants are given a box of ingredients and have to make something out of it? If so, this is my version. Only I use paper crafting supplies instead of food, and I don’t eat it. So, how this works is because I do this blog for Hochanda, they reward me with a box of goodies every month or so. This month, I decided to challenge myself by making it a game. Here are my made-up rules:
Pretty straight forward, right? I agree. Here’s the box of goodies (H. box stands for Hochanda box):
The card is super thick, I would guess 250-300gsm, a great set of dies from Spellbinders and a really nice hinge-type die from Intracutz, a large embossing folder from Couture Creations (damask, my favourite!), a set of friendship stamps from Just Rite and some metal adornments from Tim Holtz. I knew I wanted to make a card for a dear friend who is recovering from breaking her arm, so I thought with this challenge I could kill two birds with one stone. I picked out my paper, put it in the embossing folder and ran it through my Platinum machine, then cut it down to just under a 5×7 size:
I wish I could remember who I learned this trick from, it’s not mine, but right after I score my paper, and before folding it, I get a damp paper towel and wipe the score line down then fold it, taking care to do so gently so I don’t rip the slightly wet paper. This prevents cracking and tearing, which I was having a problem with. At this point I had a basic idea what I was going to do, but nothing as firm as a plan, I was pretty much winging it as I normally do.
Next, I did the hinge die, and promptly forgot my rules and cut them from the wrong paper, then remembered and cut them from the right paper, but oh, it was so pretty in the purple Craft Perfect card from Tonic I had to show you:
My only complaint is the tape used on the packaging left a really sticky reside on the die that I finally had to break out my rubbing alcohol to get the rest of it off. I wish companies would use glue dots or something not so sticky. Anyway, this die embossed like a dream! You can really see it on the purple mirror card, but even on the “right” card stock it looked great!
Now that I had that done, I moved onto cutting the Spellbinders intricate dies. With these, I used a bit of parchment paper and wiped down the die, parchment paper and card base with a dryer sheet so the dies wouldn’t be so hard to remove from the card. Then, for good measure, I ran them through on my precision base plate and had no further problems. Let me show you the problem I had before taking those steps.
I did this specifically to show the difference parchment paper and a dryer sheet make. See how the one I didn’t use parchment paper on tore? It was very difficult, almost impossible even with my pokey tool to remove the die from the paper without tearing it, but when I used the parchment paper and rubbed everything down with a dryer sheet, it came out without any trouble. So if you find you have some dies in your stash that do this, try using the parchment paper/dryer sheet. Also, I swear by my precision base plate (which is made by Sizzix but I use it all the time on my Platinum) to cut intricate dies on. When I did that, I got this result:
Now that I did my experiment, I was ready to get on with it. Using the above method, I cut the largest die out, and folded all the pieces that had score lines, tucking the small bits where they needed to go to great effect! I am very happy with how this die-cut turned out and will absolutely be adding more of these to my stash in the future:
Then, since the card is really starting to take shape, (see what I did there?) I moved on to stamping my sentiment. The only trouble I had here was which one to use because they are all really good. I did, after a fair amount of dithering, pick one that would fit this situation for my friend nicely and broke out my stamping platform. I really do love this thing! Following my rules, I chose my first extra item to cut the paper for my sentiment, cut it and into the platform it went.
To clarify my rules, when I said that ink counted as an item, I didn’t mean stamping ink, that would be silly! So, still with two more free choice items left, got my sentiment stamp all inked up. Pressed it down, and hmm looked like it missed a spot so inked it up again, and still missed a spot. I thought it might have been the embossed area giving it trouble, then inspected the stamp. No, I hadn’t missed anything, it was the way the stamp was made, but boy do I have a dark sentiment now! Here’s the layout I had so far, even added a metal heart adornment, and a cheeky bit of gilding wax, as Charlie would say:
So now I’ve used something from each item in the box, only used two additional items, but it still seemed kinda blah, so I hit up my friend, Sara-John, to get some much needed advice. I knew I had used too much gilding wax in spots, and this happens every time I use it, also the card front just seemed to be missing something, so I followed her advice to just use my finger instead of the applicator that comes with the wax and added a bow. I think it looks great now! Blame me for the seahorse, I broke my rules and added a fourth item, but rules are meant to be broken, right?
I hope you enjoyed my game as much as I did, and if so, let me know in the comments and I’ll do this again with the next box. Or, if you have any rules you think I should add I’m open to your suggestions. I did do two other projects but as this is so long already I thought if anyone is interested in those let me know and I’ll happily provide pictures in the comments. Thank you for spending some time with me, and until next time, happy crafting!

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