Hi crafters! Word Art is everywhere right now and whilst I enjoy creative lettering, I am yet to have mastered the technique so from time-to-time I use my computer to create the lettering and sentiments I may need for a specific project. I was playing around with some fonts on Microsoft Word and thought I would share with you how you can create quick and simple word art from your desktop that you can print off and use on your projects. In this post I will also show how you can use a print out of the word art you created to make a stencilling mask on a canvas.
Step 1
Open a blank document in Microsoft Word and switch the page to landscape. I selected the font as ‘Freestyle Script’ because it joins the lower-case letters together and when the shape is overlapped onto the letters ‘L’ and ‘v’ the whole word and symbol will be joined. I typed-out an uppercase ‘L’, left a blank space where the ‘o’ should be (you can add more spaces later if you wish to make a larger space for your shape), then typed a lowercase ‘v’ and ‘e’. I made the font size 600, which makes the finished word fill the landscape width of an A4 sheet of paper.


Step 2
To create the heart shape in place of where the ‘o’ in ‘love’ should be select the ‘Insert’ tab from the headings and select ‘Shapes’ under the ‘Insert’ tab. When you select ‘Shapes’ a drop-down menu of shapes and symbols will show, select the heart. The shapes and symbols can be rotated, widened, shortened etc. so bear that in mind if you’re looking for different ideas. I played around with the dimensions of the heart and the spacing of the letters until parts of the heart overlapped with parts of the letters ‘L’ and ‘v’, this way the letters and shape will join-up to make one unit.


Step 3
Print out your word, I did this on copier paper as I know some printers don’t like card. I then cut-out the word with scissors. Once cut-out I used a tonic glue pen to glue the back of the word and waited for it to go tacky before I placed the word down on the canvas, but you could use any type of repositionable glue. Take care to stick every part down as you don’t want it to move once you start painting.
Using a sponge, cheap sponges will do, or a stencil brush apply acrylic paint to the canvas. If using a sponge remove excess paint before putting the sponge to the canvas and dab the paint down gently, especially when going over and around the word. Cover the canvas and wait for the paint to dry.


Step 4
Once the paint is dry, carefully tear the paper mask away from the canvas and you’ll have your word art. You can either leave it how it is or embellish to your hearts content. You could even use the heart shape as a space for a photo.



I hope you enjoyed the post. Happy crafting,

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