Powertex is at it’s best when used to upcycle/recycle items we would normally pop in the bin. It is perfect for transforming everyday objects into a sculpture, either for the house or garden.
When I was asked to make a 3d animal from recycled materials, I began saving all sorts of items that would normally have been thrown out. Unfortunately when I came to start the project Karl had tidied up and thrown it all out! A visit to the loft was called for where I found an old hearth brush. Perfect for a tail – and just the job for a dog.
Animals are not something I make very often, but once started I enjoyed the process. As usual, I learnt quite a lot whilst making this project and am already looking forward to making more.
Materials List:
  • Powertex Fabric Hardener in Bronze and Red
  • Powercolor Pigments
  • Easy Varnish
  • Enough fabric pieces to cover your dog
  • Masking Tape
  • Foil Pie Dishes (x2)
  • Jar Lids (I used two from face cream jars)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Corrugated Cardboard
Let’s Create a Dog
Gather your items to make the shape
After I took the photograph of all my pieces ready to upcycle, I added some old table stands which were ideal to use for legs.
Building the main body structure
Using masking tape, secure the legs to the hearth brush. Add the pie dishes over the side, using paper/bubble wrap to pad them out.
Adding detail
Cut some ear shapes and feet, out of corrugated cardboard. Put these to one side.
Cover the jar lids with masking tape, forming texture as you do this by crumpling it as you press it down.
Putting him all together
Secure the eyes and ears to the main body. Cover the whole animal in masking tape. Leaving the ‘tail’ untouched.
Adding the fur
Using Powertex and material of your choice, cover the structure, creating texture for the coat of the dog. Using Powercolor dry-brush your dog.
Finishing touches
I also just had to add some googly eyes to give him some character. He still didn’t look finished so added a piece of lace using red Powertex, to create a tongue.
I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has inspired you to create your own animals. It is good to recycle and as crafters we have lots of items we can use.
Let us see what you make by posting them over on Facebook in The Powertex Studio.
Bye for now, Jill x

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