Hello again everyone. What an exiting weekend I’ve had this weekend as I write this tutorial. I know I met a few of you at Create It this weekend. Was my first Hochanda event and I had a great time. Took my Mum out for the day as well so she could get to meet everyone that she hears me talk about. I had a lovely time and it was great to meet Janice and Hayley in person and see all the Hochanda personalities in the flesh. And the Royal Wedding. Well, wasn’t it beautiful. Meghan looked just amazing didn’t she in such a simple gown. Good luck to her and Harry. Makes me feel very proud to be British and residing in the UK. Anyway, back to business,
You will need:
  • 1 x round MDF plaque (I’ve used Dawn Bibby ones).
  • Dawn Bibby white gesso.
  • Dawn Bibby transparent stencil paste.
  • Lynette Jasper MDF words.
  • Lynette Jasper MDF jigsaw pieces.
  • A selection of Craft Buddy resin embellishments.
  • Worn Lipstick Distress oxide ink pad.
  • Dawn Bibby Clock Stencil.
  • Hot glue gun or silicone glue.
  • A selection of brushes and a pallet knife.
Stage 1: Cover the MDF circle, the candelabra and the wonder and flowers in white gesso and allow to dry.
Stage 1
Stage 2: Take your distress oxide ink pad and tap it on your blending mat. Take a small amount of stencil paste and mix with it to achieve the desired colour. Place your stencil over the MDF and hold firmly whilst applying the stencil paste. Carefully lift the stencil. Allow to dry. I’ve also applied some of the left over tinted paste over the jigsaw pieces to give an added bit of texture.
Stage 2
Stage 3: Using your ink pad colour, tint the MDF word of your choice, and brush over any embellishments you wish to use with the ink pad. No need to uses brushes at this stage.
Stage 3
Stage 4: Clean your mat and then apply some more ink pad and using a dry brush, dry brush it over the dried stencil paste and the MDF plaque to apply some colour.
Stage 5: Plan your layout of the embellishments and once you are happy, stick them down using your adhesive of choice.
Stage 5
Stage 6: Poke some ribbon through the holes and knot behind the plaque. Now, your plaque is finished and ready to hang.
Finished project
Hope you enjoy this project. You can colour tint everything, whatever you like and is very versatile to adapt. Lynette has a great range of MDF words including family ones which would be great to produce something special for a loved one on a special birthday.  Enjoy the sunshine and catch up with you soon.  Keep crafting!
Love Tracy

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