Project Instructions for ATC Coins using Brushos by Kim Williamson

What you need:


Lightly spritz your watercolour card, then sprinkle your Brushos onto the watercolour card and watch them burst into many colours (Tip: Do not open your Brusho pots, push a sturdy pin into the lid and keep the pin in the lid. Then when you need to use them, pop the pin out and sprinkle the dust) Spritz gently again to disperse the colour to your preferred amount. Heat dry the watercolour card or if you have time, leave it to dry naturally.
Optional – Using a tin of air duster – move the colour about until you are happy
Using your circle die, cut 3 circles from your watercolour card, choosing the section you like. Then using your flower die, cut several layers from coordinating card and put to one side. Again from a different coordinating card cut a few sprigs and put to one side.


Using your flower forming tool set build your flowers up shaping and curling the petals. You will need at least 5 flowers for each ATC coin of varying sizes. Firstly using wet glue, add your largest flower and then add the sprigs underneath the flower. Scatter around the largest flower on the springs the smaller sized flowers with wet glue.


Add your ribbon bow to your coin and add your pearl drops and leave to dry. Your ATC coins are complete!


Thank you for reading!
Kim Williamson

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